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Voltage controlled operational amplifier

Other names for this product: BA6110FS,
Courtesy/Thanks to: ROHM

Description: The BA6110FS is a low-noise, low-offset programmable operational amplifier. Offering superb linearity over a broad
range, this IC is designed so that the forward direction conductivity (gm) can be changed, making it ideal for applications
such as voltage control amplifiers (VCA), voltage control filters (VCF) and voltage control oscillators (VCO).

Distortion reduction circuitry improves the signal-to-noise ratio by a significant 10dB at a distortion rate of 0.5% in
comparison with products not equipped with this feature. When used as a voltage control amplifier (VCA), a high S / N
ratio of 86dB can be achieved at a distortion rate of 0.5%.

The open loop gain is determined by the control current and an attached gain determining resistance RL, enabling a wide
range of settings.

In addition, a built-in low-impedance output buffer circuit reduces the number of attachments.


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Added 2008-02-04 15:23:22 by sourcery

A good substitute for the ‘662 if you current mirror the input. A little noisier though.

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   Datasheet for the BA6110
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Used in
Thru zero VCO
   Triangle thru zero Voltage Controlled Oscillator
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