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Screenshot of the Windows version   Picture is courtesy of: Dan Nigrin

202 Hack

a new way to program your Roland MC-202 sequencer

Courtesy/Thanks to: Dan Nigrin

Description: "202 Hack" is a shareware Java application which converts sequence information stored in standard MIDI files (SMF) into a format compatible with Roland MC-202™ sequences. Users have the capability to choose up to 2 MIDI channels (1-16) whose note information is extracted from the MIDI file and converted into the "internal" and/or "external" sequences of the 202. Accent and Portamento can also be coded as described below, as well as some post-processing tricks to generate "Roland TB-303™-like" slides. The output of 202 Hack is an audio file (.wav format) which can then be played by your computer into the 202's "tape in" jack. The shareware fee for this program is $10 (U.S.), or you may choose to purchase an item from Defective Records instead. The author of 202 Hack co-owns this electronic dance music label.
Check out the homepage for more information here.


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   Screenshot of the Windows version
   Screenshot of the Windows version
   Homepage of the 202 Hack
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