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Yamaha TX16w Operating System

Courtesy/Thanks to: NuEdge Development

Description: Information from the developers site:

Typhoon 2000 is the first official release of Typhoon since version 1.0. It will also be the last and final version to be released. As further development on this product has ceased, Typhoon 2000 is released as freeware. Typhoon is still copyrighted by NuEdge Development but from now on you are free to copy and distribute Typhoon 2000 provided you follow these simple rules:

  • You are distributing Typhoon 2000 in its complete form, including all documentation.
  • You are not charging money for copying or distributing Typhoon 2000.
  • You are not distributing modified versions of Typhoon 2000.
  • You are not making false claims on the origin of Typhoon 2000.
What Is New In Typhoon 2000?

The most prominent new features in Typhoon 2000 are:

  • Import routine. The import routine will load and translate Yamaha setups into Typhoon.
  • New low-pass filter. This filter table was designed from scratch by NuEdge Development to utilize the maximum capacity of the TX16W filter. Dont expect a revolution though. The TX16W filter circuits are still pretty lame, but this is as good as it gets.
  • New wave edit functions. This is where you find the biggest innovations for Typhoon 2000. The new wave edit functions are emphasize, fade, mix, reverse and time stretch.
  • Utility for adding waves to a voice. This utility makes it remarkably easy to construct a new voice from a set of waves. Simply select a wave for adding as a group or split and it will be placed appropriately in the voice.
  • Utility for loading everything on a floppy. With this utility you can load an entire floppy into memory, including AIFF files, Yamaha waves, Typhoon voices, performances etc...
What Is Improved In Typhoon 2000?

There are a lot of improvements in Typhoon 2000, both feature-wise and quality-wise. These are some of the most notable improvements:

  • Erase all/unused utility. This utility now allows you to keep modified and unsaved items, so that you wont loose anything you have worked on.
  • Erasing performances and voices. When you erase a voice you are given the choice to erase the waves it is using. Waves that are used by other voices are of course not deleted. The same applies to voices and waves when you are erasing a performance.
  • Floppies containing long file names. When using floppies containing files with long file names Typhoon version 1.0 would get confused and display incorrect floppy labels etc. Even though Typhoon 2000 still doesnt support file names longer than eight characters it should no longer be a problem to use floppies containing such files.
  • Loading setups. When you are loading a setup you may now choose whether you want to clear the memory first or not.
  • Loop crossfade. The crossfade utility has been blessed with another parameter that sets the amount of overlapping.
  • Resampling of waves. The fidelity of the resample utility has been improved. You are also allowed to resample to a higher sample rate than the original.
  • The "alpha keys". Typing characters with a MIDI keyboard has been made easier as the alpha keys now behaves more like a traditional computer keyboard. E.g. characters are always inserted instead of overwritten, and a backspace key is available.
  • Support for up to 20 filter tables. The limit has been raised from 16 to 20.
  • Support for larger keyboards. The highest note Typhoon accepts is now C8 instead of C7.
  • User interface. The panels now scroll "smoothly" instead of the rather clumsy "jumping scroll" in version 1.0. Equal signs (=  


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   Typhoon2000 software. Zipped, download if you have a PC
   Typhoon2000 software. packed with StuffIt, download if you have a MAC
   Typhoon2000 homepage
NuEdge Development
   The developers behind Typhoon and Typhoon 2000. Which is a replacement OS for the Yamaha TX16w.
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