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A simple speech synthesizer for demonstration and amuzement

Courtesy/Thanks to: Wireless World, December 1978

Description: By Ian H. Witten, M.A., M. Sc., Ph.D., M.I.E.E and Peter H. C. Madams, B.Sc.,M.Sc.
Department of Electrical Engineering Science, University of Essex.

The device described is a hand-controled, electronic model of the acoustic properties of the vocal tract, and was built to illustrate the physiological and acoustic nature of speech. Although designed as a portable demonstration and lecturing tool it makes a fascinating toy for adults and children alike, and has been used as a stimulus for retarded and autistic children. After discussing the nature of speech and the mechanism of electronic speech synthesis, the authors explain the design principles of the Chatterbox and in a later article will give further circuit details and instructions on how to make it talk.


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   Article from the December 1978 issue of Wireless World about the Chatterbox.
Parts used
    Dual 4-input NOR gate
   Quadruple exclusive-OR gat
   Quadruple bilateral switches
   18-stage static shift register
HEF 4049
   Hex Inverting Buffer
HEF 4011
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