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Midi controller

Courtesy/Thanks to: Doepfer

Description: Drehbank features:

  • 64 rotary controls (rotary potentiometers)
  • Configuration with the free editor program for PC
  • 2 user defined setups (banks) available within the device.
  • additionally 8 fixed factory setups
  • Snapshot function (= send off all 64 control positions)
  • 8 CV inputs for external control voltages 0...+5V (e.g. from A-100 modules) or foot controller, normalized 1/4" jack sockets at the rear panel, each external input in use switches off one of the 8 rotary controls at the right side of the front panel.
  • MIDI out
  • MIDI In with merging feature, i.e. incoming MIDI events are merged with the MIDI data generated by Drehbank.
  • 3 control buttons with LEDs
  • White label (21x8 mm) above each knob for manual inscription or for sticking on self-adhesive labels
  • 19" support for rack mounting and 1 HU 19" blind panel
  • external AC adapter for power supply
  • price: Euro 399.00 (i.e. about US$ 400.00)

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    Added 2009-07-13 13:59:22 by WillBiggs

    I'm not sure If this is for sale here??? IF this is about a Drehbank that is for sale please contact me at: thanks

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