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DIY Layout editor

PCB, Perfboard or Stripboard designer

Courtesy/Thanks to: DIY Fever

Description: Go to for the latest release of this software.
This piece of software is great utility for everyone who draws board layouts, either for PCB,
Perfboard or Stripboard. It has simple yet very effective interface which makes job much easier.
Placing a component on board takes only 2-3 mouse clicks! You need to click on source and destination
hole and program will place component between them. Placing polarized components is the same, but then
you need to take care about hole order because program takes source hole for positive and destination
hole for negative side. It's similar with IC: pin 1 goes in source hole and last pin goes to
destination hole. When working with PCB layouts you can set width of each trace and solder pad! Also,
there's "Print PnP" which gives printout ready for transfer on blank board (laser printer


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Added 2017-04-10 17:30:58 by bancika

new link for the latest DIYLC version Cheers, Bancika

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Added 2011-12-16 01:13:02 by Scotsch

I'm not sure if THIS website works properly or is misleading. I'm trying to find a DIY-PCB software to download, I don't mind what the price is, it just better work. Free is fine too, as long as it makes stripboard/veroboard conversions from schematics.

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Added 2011-02-01 14:18:42 by sm9413

i wan download tis software..

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Added 2011-01-31 13:44:14 by bancika

There's a completely new version of DIYLC (3.x) available at Cheers

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