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!Malfunctionator Modulated Logic Oscillator PCB
12stage 1080degrees phaser 12 stage phaser
1N270 Germanium diode
1N32 Ka Band Point Contact Detector Diodes
1N34 Point contact Germanium diode
1N4001 General Purpose Rectifiers
1N4002 General Purpose Rectifiers
1N4003 General Purpose Rectifiers
1N4004 General Purpose Rectifiers
1N4005 General Purpose Rectifiers
1N4006 General Purpose Rectifiers
1N4007 General Purpose Rectifiers
1N4148 High speed Switching Diode
1N4448 High Speed Switching Diode
1N914 High Conductance Fast Diode
1S1588 Silicon epitaxial planar type diode
202 Hack a new way to program your Roland MC-202 sequencer
2164 Quad Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)
2600 Semi modular Synthesizer
2720 Modular Synthesizer System
2720-1 VCA Voltage Controlled Amplifier Module for the Paia 2720 modular
2720-11 Envelope Follower Envelope Follower Module in the 2720 Modular System
2720-12 Inverter/Buffer Inverter/Buffer Module in the 2720 Modular System
2720-14 Sine Converter/Pulse Width Modulator Sine Converter/PWM Module in the 2720 Modular System
2720-2a VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator for the Paia 2720 Modular
2720-3B VCF Voltage Controlled Bandbass Filter
2720-3L VCF Voltage Controlled Oscillator
2720-4 Function Generator
2720-5 Control Oscillator/Noise Source 2720 Module, Control Oscillator/Noise Source
2N2222 NPN switching transistor
2N2484 Silicon NPN Transistor
2N2905 silicon planar epitaxial PNP transistor
2N3536 Bipolar NPNP Device
2N3819 N-Channel RF Amplifier
2N3904 NPN switching transistor
2N3906 PNP switching transistor
2N4124 NPN General Purpose Amplifier
2N4125 PNP General Purpose Amplifier
2N4126 PNP General Purpose Amplifier
2N44 PNP Germanium Transistor
2N4401 NPN General Pupose Amplifier
2N4856 N-Channel Silicon Junction Field-Effect Transistor
2N5037 Zener
2N5088 NPN Silicon Amplifier Transistor
2N5306 NPN Darlington Transistor
2N5457 N-Channel General Purpose Amplifier
2-pole State Variable Filter
2SA1015 Silicon PNP Epitaxial Type (PCT process)
2SA1349 Silicon PNP Epitaxial type (monolithic dual type)
2SA733 PNP Silicon Transistor
2SA970 Silicon PNP Epitaxial Type (PCT process)
2SB324 Ge PNP Alloy Junction (UL Type)
2SC1583 NPN
2SC1815 Silicon NPN Epitaxial Type (PCT process)
2SC2240 Silicon NPN Epitaxial Type (PCT process)
2SC2458 Transistor Silicon NPN Epitaxial Type
2SC3378 NPN Transistor
2SC3381 Silicon NPN Epitaxial Type (Monolothic Dual Type)
2SC732 Silicon NPN Epitaxial type (PCT PROCESS)
2SK117 Silicon N Channel Junction Type
2SK118 Field Effect Transistor Silicon N Channel Junction Type
2SK184 Field Effect Transistor Silicon N Channel Junction Type
2SK3049 Silicon N-Channel Power F-MOS FET
2SK30A Silicon N-channel Junction Field Effect Transistor
40106 Hex inverting Schmitt trigger
4013 Dual flip-flop
4069 Inverter Circuits
4093 Quad 2-Input NAND Schmitt Trigger
4533SH Sample & hold
4700 Modular Synthesizer System
4710 Balanced Modulator
4720 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
4730 VCF Multi-Modal Voltage Controlled Filter
4740 ADSR
4771 Regulated Power Supply
4780 Twelve stage analog sequencer
4N25 Optocoupler, Phototransistor Output, with Base Connection
4N26 Optocoupler, Phototransistor Output, with Base Connection
4N27 Optocoupler, Phototransistor Output, with Base Connection
4N28 Optocoupler, Phototransistor Output, with Base Connection
5 band graphic equalizer using a single IC/chip
555 Light Theremin
555 Timer Designer Schematica Software's free 555 timer design program
5700 The Drum
6n136 8-Pin DIP 1 Mbit/s Single-Channel High Speed Transistor Output Optocoupler
6n137 8-Pin DIP 10 Mbit/s Single-Channel High Speed Logic Gate Output Optocoupler
6n139 8-Pin DIP Single-Channel Low Input Current High Gain Split Darlington Output Optocoupler
7400 Quad 2-Input NAND Gate
7413 Dual 4-input NAND gates with schmitt-trigger
74HC10 Triple 3-input NAND gate
74HC154 4-to-16 line decoder/demultiplexer
74HC373 Octal D-type transparent latch
74HC4046 Phase-locked-loop with VCO
74HC4049 Hex inverting high-to-low level shifter
74HC4051 8-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer
74HC4514 4-to-16 line decoder/demultiplexer with input latches
74HC4520 Dual 4-bit synchronous binary counter
74HC595 8-bit serial-in, serial or parallel-out shift register with output latches; 3-state
74HCT4017 Johnson decade counter with 10 decoded outputs
74HCT595 8-bit serial-in, serial or parallel-out shift register with output latches; 3-state
74LS244 Octal buffer/line driver; 3-state
74LS90 Decade and Binary Counters
74LS93 Decade and Binary Counters
770 Old Korg synthesizer
78L06 Three terminal low current positive voltage regulator
80-1 Power Supply Unit
80-2 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
80-3 Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator
80-4 Voltage Controlled Mixer
80-5 Processor
9090 Analogue Drum Synthesizer
921 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
921A Oscillator Driver
921B Voltage Controlled Oscillator
9710 VCA Voltage Controlled Mixer w/Modulator
9720 VCO Dual Voltage Controlled Oscillator w/Modulator
9730 Dual VCF w/ Modulator
A logic analyzer using the PC's parallel port Open Source DIY logic analyzer
A100 Analogue Modular System
A110 Standard VCO
A111 High-End VCO
A117 Dig. noise/Random clock
A118 Noise/Random
A128 Fixed Filter Bank
A143 Complex Envelope Generator / LFO
A-880 Midi-Patchbay
AC128 Germanium Transistor
AD100 Analog Delay
AD553 based Balanced Modulator Ring Modulator
AD633 Low Cost Analog Multiplier
AD75019 16 x 16 Crosspoint Switch Array
AD-80 Analog Delay
AD823 Dual, 16 MHz, Rail-to-Rail FET Input Amplifier
Advanced Lo-fi leslie
Analog Delay 585
Analog Modules Of Reusable Engineering AMORE
Analogue Delay Unit Nikros modified Delay
Analogue Harmonizer
Analogue Inputs to MIDI Out
Angry Beard III Guitar pedal
Apache Ring Modulator Aaron Cram's Apache Ring Modulator
AR/AD Transient Generator attack-decay / attack-release envelope generator
Ardcore The whatever you need modular unit
Arduino Atmel based open-source electronics prototyping platform
ARPring Simple ringmodulator using a 4011
ASM-1 Analog Synthesizer Module
ASM1-Genie Semi pre-patched ASM-1 synthesiser
ASM-1X Analog synthesizer Developed around the ASM-1
ASM-2 Semi-modular synthesizer
ASM-2 - Ring Modulator Ring modulator circuit for the ASM-2
ASM-2 Ring modulator
AT89C2051 8-bit Microcontroller with 2K Bytes Flash
AT90S8515 8-bit AVR microcontroller with 8K bytes in-system programmable Flash
Atari Punk Console Electronic instrument
Attack Release EG Envelope Generator
Audio Artist Sound-Effects machine
Audio Delay Line TDA1022-based DIY Audio Delay Line
Avatar Guitar Synthesizer
AVMux Control your audio video connections with the AVMux
AX-73 Synthesizer
AXXE Model 2300
BA 3812 five-point graphic equalizer
BA534 9V/2.3W single-channel power amplifier
BA6110 Voltage controlled operational amplifier
BA718 Dual General Purpose Op Amp
Balanced Modulator built around the LM1496
Basic 16 step Analogue Sequencer A simple 16 step Sequencer.
Basic Stamp Microcontroller with Basic language encoder
BassAce Midi Bass Synthesizer
BC109 NPN general purpose transistors
BC184 Silicon NPN Small Signal Transistor
BC187 PNP Signal Transistor
BC237 NPN general purpose transistors
BC307 PNP general purpose transistor
BC327 PNP general purpose transistor
BC548 NPN Epitaxial Silicon Transistor
BC549 NPN general purpose transistors
BC550 NPN Epitaxial Silicon Transistor
BC558 PNP Epitaxial Silicon Transistor
BC860 PNP Epitaxial Silicon Transistor
BDX54 PNP Epitaxial Silicon Transistor
Bergfotron VCP Voltage Controlled Phaser
BF-1 Flanger Stomp Box
BF256A JFET - General Purpose
Bigg Muff Pi
Bipolar mixer V2 Mixer
Bit One Programmable Polyphonic Touch Sensitive Synthesizer
Blue Clipper
Buchla 281 Clone Voltage controlled AD/ASR Envelope Generator
BuroBleepDrum Modified version of The Bleep Drum
BX-16 Mixer
BZY88 Zener Diode
CA 3140 4.5MHz, BiMOS Operational Amplifier with MOSFET Input/Bipolar Output
CA 8013 1MHz, Four Quadrant Analog Multiplier
CA3080 2MHz, Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA)
CA3094 30MHz, High Output Current Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA)
CA3160 4MHz, BiMOS Operational Amplifier with MOSFET Input/CMOS Output
Capacitators Component
CD 4030 Quad EXCLUSIVE-OR Gate
CD4013 Dual D Flip-Flop
CD4016 Quad Bilateral Switch
CD4020 CMOS Ripple-Carry Binary Counter/Divider
CD4021 8-Stage Static Shift Register
CD4046 Micropower Phase-Locked Loop
CD4049 Hex Inverting Buffer
CD4050 Hex Non-Inverting Buffer
CD4051 Single 8-Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
CD4066 Quad Bilateral Switch
CE-2 Chorus
CE-3 Chorus
CEfx Synth Breadboard Modules
CEM3310 Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator
CEM3312 Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator
CEM3320 Voltage Controlled Filter
CEM3328 Four Pole Low-Pass VCF
CEM3330 Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier
CEM3335 Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier
CEM3340 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
CEM3345 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
CEM3350 Dual Voltage Controlled State Variable Filter
CEM3360 Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier
CEM3365 Fast Dual DAC Multiplier
CEM3371 uP Controllable Waveform Generator
CEM3372 uP Controllable Signal Processor
CEM3374 Dual Voltage Controlled Oscillator
CEM3378 Voltage Controlled Signal Processors
CEM3379 Voltage Controlled Signal Processors
CEM3389 Voltage Controlled Signal Processor
CEM3391 uP Controllable Dynamic Signal Processor
CEM3396 uP Controllable Dual Waveform Converter / Processor. Preliminary datasheet.
CEM5530 30 Channel Sample and Hold
CGS03 Psycho LFO
CGS14 +/- 15 Volt Power Supply
CGS31 Digital Noise Module
CGS58 Utility LFO
Chatterbox A simple speech synthesizer for demonstration and amuzement
Chorus Effects Unit DIY Chorus Effects Unit based around the MN3011 BBD chip
CircuitLab Sketch, simulate and share schematics
Classic State Variable Filter SVF
Clock Divider
Clone theory Chorus / Vibrato stomp box
CMOSed MS20 filter CMOSed version of René Schmitz MS-20 filter
CMU 800 Compu Music
Compressor 280A Compressor
Control Freak LIVE MIDI Controller
Control Freak ORIGINAL MIDI Controller
Control Freak Studio Edition Midi Controller
Control Voltage Glide Circuits CV Glide, Gated CV Glide
Coolaudio V3205SD 204ms BBD Delay
CR-800 CompuRhythm
CR8000 Computer Rhytm
Craig Andertson's Buffer Buffer
CS01 Micro Monophonic Synthesizer
CS01-MIDI Add a MIDI input to your Yamaha CS01 keyboard
CS-10 Nice Analog synth from the early 80's
CS15 Synthesizer
CS5 Synthesizer
CS-80 Polyphonic Synthesizer
CSQ-600 Digital Sequencer
CV Distributor Control Voltage Distributor
CV2M-877 Control Voltage (CV)/Gate to MIDI
CV-mixer Control Voltage Mixer with DC Bias
CZ-1 CosmoSynthesizer
DA 4148 8 Diode Array
Dark Side SSM2044 VCF/VCO Luna Modular Dark Side SSM2044 VCF VCO Luna Modular Synthesizer System
DBop Programmable Drum Machine
DC-2 Dimension C
DDD-1 Dynamic Digital Drums
DEG2A Envelope generator
Delta Synth
Deluxe Memory Man Analog Delay
Devil Fish Devil Fish modifications for the TB-303
Digisound 80 Modular Synthesizer
DINer MIDI to Sync24 converter
Diode ladder filter Diode ladder filter by Juergen Haible
Discrete ADSR 1
Discrete ADSR 2
DIY Layout editor PCB, Perfboard or Stripboard designer
DM74LS00 Quad 2-Input NAND Gate
DR550 Dr Rhythm
Drawdio A Pencil that Lets You Draw Music
DREHBANK Midi controller
DREHBANK editor program 2.0 Editor program for the DREHBANK
Drum Tone Drum Tone Oscillators
DS-1 Distortion Stompbox
DS1869 3V Dallastat Electronic Digital Rheostat
DS-2 Digital Synthesizer
Dual 4 input DC mixer Inverted and Non-inverted output
DW-8000 MIDI Controllable Polyphonic Syntesizer
Eagle Layout Editor Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor
EGLFO1a Envelope Generator and LFO
EH1048 PROBALBY the same as a CA3094
Electric Mistress Flanger
EnvyLope V3 Voltage Controlled ADSR, LFO, and Glide
ETI 447 Project 447 Audio Phaser
ETI 603 Sequenser
ETI Chorus / Flanger Unit Tim Orr returns to the pages of ETI with a project to make your amplifier see double - a chorus/flanger.
Evolver Analog / Digital Synth, Stereo Audio Processor 16x4 sequencer
EX-800 Synth
ExpPara Wide Range Exponential Converter
ExpPent Five Exponential Converters with Temperature Servo
EZalpha Patch Editor Software
Ez-kit Lite DSP Development Tools for the ADSP-21XX / 2181 DSP Family
FatMan Analog MIDI Synth
Fatman VCO PITCH LFO MOD LFO mod for the Fatmans VCO
FL301 Flanger FL301
FL-301 1403
Formant Modular Synthesizer
Front Panel Designer A program to design Frontpanels, that Schaeffer then can manufacture in small series for you.
Fräsoton Circuit bent AM radio
FT-2 Dynamic Filter
Function generator using 1458 fixed function generator
Function Generator using XR2206 Function Generator
Funktionsgenerator XR2206 Bauplan Schaltplan XR2206 Funktionsgenerator
Fuzz Factory Fuzz stomp box
Fuzz-Wha Fuzz-Wha/Volume effects pedal
Fuzzy Balls Envelope Filter
FWR0306 Single-Opamp Fullwave Rectifiers (Saw to Triangle Wave Shaper)
FX60 Stereo Chorus
FX67 Stereo Turbo Chorus
Gameport MIDI-interface DIY Gameport-MIDI interface
GEP PE guitar effects pedal
Gnome Portable Synthesizer
GR-300 Polyphonic Guitar Synthesizer
GR-331 Dual Envelator
Hand Clapper HCK-100
HCC 4000 Dual 3 input plus inverter NOR gate
HCC 4001 4001 Quad 2 input NOR gate
HCC 4002 Dual 4 input NOR gate
HCC 4025 4025 Triple 3 input NOR gate
HCT 4017 Johnson decade counter with 10 decoded outputs
HEF 4001 4001 Quad 2 input NOR gate
HEF 4024 7-stage binary counter
HEF 4047 Monostable/astable multivibrator
HEF 4049 Hex Inverting Buffer
HEF 4067 16-channel analogue multiplexer/demultiplexer
HEF 4081 Quadruple 2-input AND gate
HEF 4520 Dual binary counter
HEF4002 Dual 4-input NOR gate
HEF4006 18-stage static shift register
HEF4007 Dual complementary pair and inverter
HEF4011 Quadruple 2-input NAND gate
HEF4015 Dual 4-bit static shift register
HEF4016 Quadruple bilateral switches
HEF4017 5-stage Johnson counter
HEF4051 8-channel analogue multiplexer/demultiplexer
HEF4066 Quadruple bilateral switches
HEF4070 Quadruple exclusive-OR gat
HEF4514 1-of-16 decoder/demultiplexer with input latches
HexInverter sympleSEQ - the easy to build analog step-sequencer
HiFi Headphone Amplifier
HM-3 Hyper Metal
Homebrew Synth VCO DIY Voltage Controlled Oscillator
Icke inverterad mixer Non inverted mixer
Inverterad Mixer Inverted mixer
ISD1416 Single-Chip Voice Record/Playback Devices 16- and 20-Second Durations
ISR Vocoder Vocoder
ISS133 Switching diode
Jaguar Super Low Pass VCF SSM2044
JH VC HADSR Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator - Hold / Attack / Decay / Sustain / Release (HADSR)
Juno 106 Synthesizer
Juno 6 Analog Synthesizer
Juno 60
Jupiter 4 Compuphonic
Jupiter 6 Synthesizer
Jupiter 8 Synthesizer
JX10 Super JX
JX3p Programmable Preset Polyphonic Synthesizer
JX8P MIDI Polyphonic Synthesizer
KBD 2e Keyboard Converter
Klee 2 Analog Sequencer
Knobby MidiController
KR-55 Drummachine
Kymatron VCF1 Voltage Controlled State Variable Filter
Ladder Filter A filter based on the Moog ladder filter
Lambda Synth
Lazy Sprocket Boss SG-1 Slow Gear Clone
LF147 Wide Bandwidth Quad JFET Input Operational Amplifier
LF347 Wide Bandwidth Quad JFET Input Operational Amplifier
LF412 Low Offset, Low Drift Dual JFET Input Operational Amplifier
LF442 Dual Low Power JFET Input Operational Amplifier
Linear VCA Simple Linear VCA using 3OpAmps and one PNP.
LM 1036 Dual DC Operated Tone/Volume/Balance Circuit
LM 2900 Quad Amplifier
LM 3046 Transistor Array
LM 3301 Quad Amplifier
LM 359 Dual, High Speed, Programmable, Current Mode (Norton) Amplifier
LM 3900 Quad Amplifier
LM 723 Voltage Regulator
LM 747 Dual Operational Amplifier
LM 7800 Series
LM101 Operational Amplifier
LM117 3-Terminal Adjustable Regulator
LM13600 Dual Operational Transconductance Amplifiers with Linearizing Diodes and Buffers
LM137 3-Terminal Adjustable Negative Regulator
LM13700 Dual Operational Transconductance Amplifier with Linearizing Diodes and Buffers
LM1458 Dual Operational Amplifier
LM1496 LM 1496 Balanced Modulator-Demodulator
LM158 Low Power Dual Operational Amplifier
LM1596 LM 1596 Balanced Modulator-Demodulator
LM194 Supermatch Pair
LM-2 Limiter
LM201 Operational Amplifier
LM258 Low Power Dual Operational Amplifier
LM2904 Low Power Dual Operational Amplifier
LM301 Operational Amplifier
LM311 Single Comparator
LM324 Low Power Quad Operational Amplifier
LM329 Precision Reference
LM339 Low Power Low Offset Voltage Quad Comparators
LM340 3-Terminal Positive Regulators
LM358 Low Power Dual Operational Amplifier
LM741 Operational Amplifier
LM748 Operational Amplifier
LM7805 5V Positive Voltage Regulator
LM7810 10V Positive Voltage Regulator
LM7812 3-Terminal 1A Positive Voltage Regulator
LM7815 7815 15V Positive Voltage Regulator
LM78L05 5V 3-Terminal Positive Regulators
LM78L09 9V 3-Terminal Positive Regulator
LM78L12 3-Terminal Positive Regulators
LM78L15 15V 3-Terminal Positive Regulators
LM78LXX 3-Terminal Positive Regulators
LM7905 5V Negative Voltage Regulators
LM7915 15V Negative Voltage Regulators
LochMaster A developers tool for breadboards
Lockbox Powersupply +/- 12 V powersupply
M 50194 Digital reverb and echo/delay
M 5289 Equalizercircuit
M100 Modular Synthesizer
M16C Memory Cartridge
M240 MIDI to 24 Outputs
M24O-877 MIDI to 24 Outputs PIC
M2D MIDI to Din / Din to MIDI Sync Convertor
M-500 Micro-preset synthesizer
M51723P Frequency-Voltage (F-V) Converter
M5207L Linear Control Dual VCA IC
M5218 Dual Low-noise operational amplifier (dual power supply type)
M64C Memory Cartridge
MadMouse Pro Analog Midi Synthesizer
MadMouse V1.0 Monofonic DIY Synthesizer
MAS861 The Simple Pseudo-random Sound generator
MAT02 Low Noise, Matched Dual Monolithic Transistor
Matrix 1000 Analog sound module
MAX232 +5V-Powered, Multichannel RS-232 Drivers/Receivers
MAX4533 Quad, Rail-to-Rail, Fault-Protected, SPDT Analog Switch
MAX473 Single/Dual/Quad, 10MHz Single-Supply Op Amps
MAX492 Single/Dual/Quad, Micropower, Single-Supply, Rail-to-Rail Op Amps
MaxiKorg 800DV The World´s first duophonic synthesizer.
MB-808 Roland TR-808 clone with MidiBox sequencer
MBHP The MIDIbox Hardware Platform
MC202 Micro Composer
MC34184 Low Power, High Slew Rate, Wide Bandwidth, JFET Input Operational Amplifiers
MD280 Sampler Disk Drive
Meter Precision Scale Meter creation software
MF10CN Dual Universal Switched Capacitor Filter
MIDI thru box
midi2cv8 MIDI to CV Converter
MIDIbox 16E Midi Controller
MIDIbox Plus MIDI Controller
MIDImplant MIDI2CV converter
MIDI-Thru box
MIF Multiple Identity Filter
Mikado Sequencer Analog Sequencer
Mikrofon-Vorverstärker Microphone preamplifier
Mini Chorus Unit Chorus effect
Mini3 Analog Synthesizer
Mini-3 Analog Synthesizer
MiniKorg 700 The first synthesizer released by Korg.
Minimoog VCA as built by Marjan Urekar
Minipops Model 7 Analog Drummachine
MK50240 Top Octave Frequency Generator
MKDP Programmable MIDI Kick Drum Pedal
MKS-20 Digital Piano Module
MKS-30 Planet-S Synthesizer Module
MKS-50 6-voice / 6-DCO module version of Alpha Juno 2
MKS-70 Rackmountable Super JX Synthesizer
MKS-80 8 voice / 16 VCO analog synth module
MLT04 Four-Channel, Four-Quadrant Analog Multiplier
MN3001 Dual 512-Stage, 512-Stage BBD for analog signal Delays
MN3002 Dual 512-Stage, 512-Stage BBD for analog signal Delays
MN3004 512-Stage Low Noise BBD
MN3005 4096-Stage Long Delay BBD
MN3006 128-Stage Economy type BBD
MN3007 1024-Stage Low Noise BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay)
MN3009 256-Stage Low Noise BBD
MN3010 Dual 512-Stage Low Noise BBD
MN3011 3328-Stage BBD with 6 Taps
MN3012 BBD with 3Outputs
MN3101 Clock Generator/Driver Cmos LSI for BBD
MN3102 CMOS clock generator/driver for Low Voltage Operation BBD
MN3105 CMOS Clock Generator/Driver
MN3204 512-Stage Low Voltage Operation Low Noise BBD
MN3205 4096-Stage Low Voltage Operation Low Noise BBD
MN3206 128-Stage Low Voltage Operation Low Noise BBD
MN3207 1024-Stage Low Voltage Operation Low Noise BBD
MN3208 2048-Stage Low Voltage Operation Low Noise BBD
MN3209 256-Stage Low Voltage Operation Low Noise BBD
MN3210 Dual 512-Stage Low Voltage Operation Low Noise BBD
MN3214 1024-Stage Low Voltage Operation BBD with 5 taps
MN3304 512-Stage Ultra Low Voltage Operation BBD for Audio Signals
MN3306 128-Stage Ultra Low Voltage Operation BBD for Audio Signals
MN3307 1024-Stage Ultra Low Voltage Operation BBD for Audio Signals
MN3308 2048-Stage Ultra Low Voltage Operation BBD for Audio Signals
MN3309 256-Stage Ultra Low Voltage Operation BBD for Audio Signals
Model 104 Sequencer
Model 257 Dual Control Voltage Processor
Model 281 Quad Function Generator
Model 3620 Keyboard Control Voltage Keyboard
Model 6552 Bode frequency shifter
Modular Moog Modular
Modular Synth Power Supply +15V, -15V, +5V, -5V PSU
Modulus E-zine The Newsletter for Synth DIY enthusiasts
Mono / Poly
Monotron Analog on the go!
MonoWave Monophonic Synthesizer
MonoVoice A SID based MIDI Synthesizer !
Moog Slayer Korg Poly / EX 800 Modification
Moog Type High Pass Filter Revision 1B
MOT BOX Multi Oscillator Twitch Box
MOTM Modular Analog Synthesizer
MPG-80 MKS-80 Programmer
MPSA12 NPN Darlington Transistor
MR1000 Midi Digital Sequencer
MS10 Synth
MS20 Synth
MS20 filter clone Clone of the MS-20 filter
MS50 Synth
MS6 Multitimbral Synthesizer Module
MSM6722 Pitch Control IC for The Speech Signal
MS-Series Synth
MT8816 8 x 16 Analog Switch Array
Multiplier 4 channel four-quadrant multiplier
MU-TRON Octave Divider Octave Divider Guitar Pedal
MXR Distortion + Distortion stomp box
MXR Flanger Flanger rack project
NE 555 Timer
NE 556 Dual Timer Circuit
NE5517 Dual operational transconductance amplifier
NE5534 Single Low Noise Operational Amplifier
NE566 Function generator
NE570 Compandor
NTE109 Germanium Diode Fast Switching General Purpose
NTE458 N–Channel Silicon JFET General Purpose, Low Noise, Audio Frequency Amplifier
NTE996 Single OTA, Operational Transconductance Amplifier - CA3080 REPLACEMENT
Oakley Modular System Modular synthesizer
OB12 Z-Domain Synthesizer
Odyssey Monophonic Synthesizer
OMNI-2 String synthesizer
Opus 3 Preset Analog synthesizer
Oratron Vocal Synthesizer
OSCar Programmable Music Synthesizer
Oscilloscope V2.51 Digital Oscilloscope using PC Sound Card for Input
Overdrive 250 Overdrive
P6 Virtual analog polysynth
P9700S Modular Synthesizer System
PA 381 Dual Low Noise VCA
PA 382 Dual Low Noise VCA
Parametric Equaliser Single channel modular equaliser with variable centre frequency
Passive Ringmodulator An old design on a ringmodulator, requires no external power.
Passive VU-meter Lautsprecher Leistungsanzeige
PC-2 Percussion Synthesizer
PCBMill Software PCB prototyping software
PCK-100 Percussion Synthesizer
PD 508 Octal Sample and Hold
PE Fuzz Box Fuzz box by A. Russel
PG 200 Programmer for JX3p and Planet-S MKS 30
PG 300 Synthesizer Programmer
PG-800 Synthesizer Programmer
PGA2310 Stereo Audio Volume Control
Ph44core Pearl Phaser PH-44 Core Part
Phasing Unit Phaser
PHLANGER Build the flanger for dramatic music effects
PIC 16F874 PIC Microcontroller
PIC 16F877 PIC Microcontroller
PIC Synth PIC based analog synth plans
PIC16F84 PIC Microcontroller
Pixie EDP WASP Clone
Pixie VCF-3 Diode Ladder Filter
PMU877 Pitch to MIDI unit
PN3565 NPN General Purpose Amplifier
Pocket Control MIDI Control Box with 16 Rotary Potentiometers
Pocket Dial MIDI Control Box with 16 Rotary Encoders
POCKET FADER MIDI Control Box with 16 Faders
PocketControl Editor v2.5 Editor for the Pocket Controllers from Doepfer
Polivoks Synthesizer
Polivoks VCA Clone VCA Clone by Mark Savenkov
Poly 800 Polyphonic Programmable Synthesizer
Poly Divider Analog Divider
Poly-61 Synthesizer
PQ-4 Parametric Equalizer
Pro One Analogue Synthesizer
Programmable Sequenser Programmable Sequencer
Prophet '08 8 voice analog synthesizer
ProSoloist Preset Monophonic Synthesizer
PS 3100 Synth
PS 3200 Synth
PS 3300 Synth
PS3100 Resonators Rev 2.0 PS3100 Resonator clone
PT2395 Enhanced Digital Echo IC
PT2396 Digital Echo/Surround Processor IC
PT2399 Echo Processor IC
PV-1 Pitch to Voltage Converter
Quadra Synthesizer
Quadrature Oscillator Quadrature Oscillator
Quartet Preset Analog Synthesizer
RC4136 General Performance Quad 741 Operational Amplifier
REF03 2.5 V Precision Voltage Reference
REGELWERK MIDI Fader Box and Analog/Pattern Sequencer
Resistor Color Coder Free resistor color code software
ReTurn Programmable MIDI Controller
ReTurn Setup Editor Editor Program for the ReTurn
RMP 1b Ring modulator / preamp
Rogue Synthesizer
RS2 Korg PS3100 PS3300 model resonator
RS20 Korg MS20 filter clone
S2000 Sampler
S5500G Switching Diode
S612 Midi Digital Sampler
SA571 Compandor
SAD1024 Dual Analog Delay Line
SAD4096 2048-Stage BBD
SAD512 Analog Delay Line
SAD512D Sampled Analog Delay Line
SAE800 Programmable Single-/Dual-/Triple- Tone Gong
SAS PSU SAS Modular PSU +/- 15 Volts
SAS-Modular a modular system created by the SAS-team of Sweden.
SASVCO The VCO of the SASM modular system project
Schematic Publisher Beta 1.0 RJWSoft Schematic Publisher is a complete schematic capture and publishing system. Schematic Publisher is perfect for students, hobbyists, and professionals.
SD-2 Dual Overdrive
SDIY wiki Knowledge base
SDS-800 Drummodule
Sequencer Model 1601 Arp Sequencer 1601
SG-1 Slow Gear Attack Delay
SH101 Monophonic Synthesizer
Shiftys Death Synth Shiftys synthesizer of death
Shruti-1 The simplest synth that could possibly rock
SID 6581 Sound Interface Device
Siel MK 900 Schematic Diagram/Service Manual
Sigma Synth
Simple function generator using 1458 Function generator
Simple LFO Low Frequency Oscillator with two opamp
Simple VC Low-Pass Filter using a Multiplier Simple VC Low-Pass Filter using a Multiplier
Single-Sideband Suppressed Carrier Demodulator
SK100 General Purpose Medium Power PNP Transistor
SL100 General Purpose Medium Power NPN Transistor
SM-8 Soundmaster Rhythm
Small Stone Phaser Vintage Phaser pedal
Smallstone Visual Phaser A home build Elektro Harmonics SmallStone Phaser
SN74107 Dual J-K flip-flops with clear
Soft ON/OFF switch Using a CD4047
Solid State Reverb Unit ETI Reverb box
Solus Synthesizer
SP0256 Speech processor
SP0256-17 Speech IC - Numbers
Speak & Spell
SQ-10 Sequencer
SRV-66 Vocoder
SSM 2012 SSM2012 VCA Chip
SSM 2013 Voltage Controlled amplifier
SSM 2014 Operational Voltage Controlled Element
SSM 2015 Microphone Preamplifier
SSM 2020 Dual VCA
SSM 2024 Quad Current Controlled Amplifier
SSM 2030 Voltage Controlled Oscillator IC
SSM 2031 High Frequency Oscillator / Voltage to Frequency Converter
SSM 2040 Voltage Controlled Filter Circuit
SSM 2044 4-pole Voltage Controlled Filter
SSM 2045 Music Voicing System
SSM 2047 Music Voicing System
SSM 2050 Voltage Controlled Transient Generator
SSM 2056 Voltage Controlled Transient Generator
SSM 2120 Dynamic Range Processor/Dual VCA
SSM 2122 Dynamic Range Processor/Dual VCA
SSM 2210 Audio Dual Matched NPN Transistor
SSM 2220 Audio Dual Matched PNP Transistor
SSM2118 Trimless Voltage Controlled Amplifiers
SSM2141 High Common-Mode Rejection Differential Line Receiver
SSM2142 Balanced Line Driver
SSM2164 Low Cost Quad Voltage Controlled Amplifier
Stuporton1 A build of the Madmouse.
Super GrooveAxe Mini Drum Maching
SVC-350 Rack mount Vocoder
Sweet16 1Mb upgrade for Yamaha MCD32 and MCD64 memory cards
SVF State Variable Filter
SymExp2 Symmetrical Exponential Current Sources
Synther 2000 Monophonic Synthesizer
Synthesizer 12 Moog Compact Modular System
Synthesizer 15
Syrinx Monophonic Synthesizer
Talk Funny? Ring modulator, chopper and frequency modulator
TB 303 Bassline Computer Controlled
TBX-303 TB-303 clone Bassline / Trans Bass Xpress
TD62501 7 channel single driver, common emitter
TD62502 7 channel single driver, common emitter
TD62503 7 channel single driver, common emitter
TD62504 7 channel single driver, common emitter
TD62505 7 channel single driver, common collector
TD62506 7 channel single driver, common collector
TD62507 7 channel single driver, isolated
TDA 7050 Headphone amplifier in one circuit
TDA1022 Bucket Brigade Delay Line for Analogue Signals
TDL-1 Analog Delay
Teisco 110 F Analog synthesizer
temporary upload product Used for uploading test
Than PSU2 +/- 12V and +5V Power supply
The Bleep Drum Arduino based Drum machine
the Cat Arp Oddysse Replica
The SEEING EYE MOD Distortion Mods to the BOSS DS-1
The Simple Sequencer 10/20 step sequencer
The Spectrum Synthesizer Monophonic Synthesizer
The Thomas Henry XR VCO XR-2206 Based Voltage Controlled Oscillator
Thru zero VCO Triangle thru zero Voltage Controlled Oscillator
TIP2955 Complimentary Silicon Power Transistor
TIP3055 Complimentary Silicon Power Transistor
TIP31A Complementary Silicon
TIP41 Complimentary Silicon Power Transistor
TL022 Dual Low-Power General-Purpose Operational Amplifier
TL061 Low-Power JFET-Input General-Purpose Operational Amplifier
TL062 Dual Low-Power JFET-Input General-Purpose Operational Amplifier
TL064 Quad Low-Power JFET-Input General-Purpose Operational Amplifier
TL071 Low-Noise JFet-input Operational Amplifier
TL072 Low-Noise JFet-input Operational Amplifier
TL074 Low-Noise JFet-input Operational Amplifier
TL081 JFet-input Operational Amplifier
TL082 JFet-input Operational Amplifier
TL084 JFet-input Operational Amplifier
TL431 Programmable Shunt Regulator
TM3030 Midi controlled synth
TM-7 Guitar Monitor
TomCat Midi Synthesizer
TR 606 Drumatix Computer Controlled
TR 707
TR 727
TR 808 Rhytm Composer
TR 909 Rythm Composer
TR606/TB303 Rack mounting bracket
Trevcharl ETI Magazines
Trident Synth
TX16w 12 bit, 16 voice sampler
Typhoon2000 Yamaha TX16w Operating System
uA 726 Temperature-Controlled Differential Pair
uA 741 Frequency-compensated operational amplifier
uA7805 7805 5V Positive Voltage Regulator
uA7815 7815 15V Positive Voltage Regulator
uA7900 Negative Voltage Regulators
uA7905 7905 5V Negative Voltage Regulator
uA7915 7915 15V Negative Voltage Regulator
UC-1 Sequencer for the Pro One
Ultra Flanger Design by John Hollis
Unost' 21 Portable Synthesizer
Unost-2021 VCLPF LowPass filter
V1000 Single Chip Multi-Effects DSP
V13700M Dual OTA
V1401 ADAT Optical Transmitter/Encoder
V1402 ADAT Optical Receiver/Decoder
V2162M Dual Low Noise VCA
V2181L Ultra Low Noise VCA
V3102D BBD Clock Generator
V3207D 51ms BBD Delay
V3208D V3208D 102ms BBD Delay
V4220M 24-Bit Stereo Codec
V571D Audio Compresser/Expander
V571M Audio Compresser/Expander
Warp 9 MIDI Controllable Resonant filter
Wasp Synthesizer
WAV-1b Voltage controlled wave shaper
Wave Wrapper v1 Overdrive / limiter / wrapper FX
VB-2 Vibrato
VC LFO 5A Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator
VC-10 Vocoder
VCA-1 Differential Transistor Voltage Control Amplifier
VCA-2 Differential Transistor Voltage Control Amplifier with inverting input
VCA-3 Blue Box Quad VCA
VCA-3B Dual 13700 linear VCA - design by Paia
VCADSR (linear slope) Linear Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator
VC-Echo built around the PT2395 Voltage Controlled Echo
VCF0111 Single Ended Diode Ladder VCF
VCF98 4-Pole VCF
VC-switch Voltage Controlled Switch
VF11 Vocoder
Wildcat Modular synthesizer system
WinLAP WinLAP circuit design schematic capture and simulation software
Voltage Controlled Echo built around the PT2395 VC echo
VP-70 Voice Processor
VTL5C3 Opto-Coupler
VTL5C3/2 Dual Element Axial Vactrols
VX 600
x0xb0x TB303 Clone
X911 Guitar Synthesizer
XB-303 Computer Controlled Bassline
Xpander Desktop synth module
XR 10
XR2206 Monolithic Function Generator
Xtreme Lead Arpegiator Sound Module
YARM Ringmodulator Ringmodulator
YARM+ Ringmodulator Ringmodulator
Your First Wacky Electronic Noise Maker Thingy Get out the breadboard and make some cool sounds. Awaken the sleeping synth person inside.
Zeroscillator Analog FM synthesis VCO
Zombie Chorus MN3207 version