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AX-73 Synthesizer
MD280 Sampler Disk Drive
S2000 Sampler
S612 Midi Digital Sampler
VX 600
XR 10
PCK-100 Percussion Synthesizer
Analog Devices
AD633 Low Cost Analog Multiplier
Ez-kit Lite DSP Development Tools for the ADSP-21XX / 2181 DSP Family
MAT02 Low Noise, Matched Dual Monolithic Transistor
MLT04 Four-Channel, Four-Quadrant Analog Multiplier
REF03 2.5 V Precision Voltage Reference
SSM 2120 Dynamic Range Processor/Dual VCA
SSM 2122 Dynamic Range Processor/Dual VCA
SSM2118 Trimless Voltage Controlled Amplifiers
SSM2141 High Common-Mode Rejection Differential Line Receiver
SSM2164 Low Cost Quad Voltage Controlled Amplifier
Analogue Solutions
TBX-303 TB-303 clone Bassline / Trans Bass Xpress
12stage 1080degrees phaser 12 stage phaser
Classic State Variable Filter SVF
CV-mixer Control Voltage Mixer with DC Bias
Quadrature Oscillator Quadrature Oscillator
Simple VC Low-Pass Filter using a Multiplier Simple VC Low-Pass Filter using a Multiplier
Single-Sideband Suppressed Carrier Demodulator
2600 Semi modular Synthesizer
Avatar Guitar Synthesizer
AXXE Model 2300
Model 3620 Keyboard Control Voltage Keyboard
Odyssey Monophonic Synthesizer
OMNI-2 String synthesizer
ProSoloist Preset Monophonic Synthesizer
Quadra Synthesizer
Quartet Preset Analog Synthesizer
Sequencer Model 1601 Arp Sequencer 1601
Solus Synthesizer
AT89C2051 8-bit Microcontroller with 2K Bytes Flash
AT90S8515 8-bit AVR microcontroller with 8K bytes in-system programmable Flash
P6 Virtual analog polysynth