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Oakley Sound Systems
Oakley Modular System Modular synthesizer
TM3030 Midi controlled synth
Matrix 1000 Analog sound module
OB12 Z-Domain Synthesizer
Xpander Desktop synth module
the Cat Arp Oddysse Replica
ON Semiconductor
2N5088 NPN Silicon Amplifier Transistor
BF256A JFET - General Purpose
NE5534 Single Low Noise Operational Amplifier
OnChip Systems
PA 381 Dual Low Noise VCA
PA 382 Dual Low Noise VCA
PD 508 Octal Sample and Hold
Osamu Hoshuyama
ExpPara Wide Range Exponential Converter
ExpPent Five Exponential Converters with Temperature Servo
FWR0306 Single-Opamp Fullwave Rectifiers (Saw to Triangle Wave Shaper)
SymExp2 Symmetrical Exponential Current Sources
VCF0111 Single Ended Diode Ladder VCF
VCF98 4-Pole VCF