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Wasp Synthesizer
BassAce Midi Bass Synthesizer
DBop Programmable Drum Machine
DEG2A Envelope generator
EGLFO1a Envelope Generator and LFO
KBD 2e Keyboard Converter
MadMouse Pro Analog Midi Synthesizer
MadMouse V1.0 Monofonic DIY Synthesizer
Moog Type High Pass Filter Revision 1B
PV-1 Pitch to Voltage Converter
RMP 1b Ring modulator / preamp
TomCat Midi Synthesizer
WAV-1b Voltage controlled wave shaper
Wildcat Modular synthesizer system
EG&G Reticon
SAD1024 Dual Analog Delay Line
Elby Designs
ASM1-Genie Semi pre-patched ASM-1 synthesiser
Pixie EDP WASP Clone
Pixie VCF-3 Diode Ladder Filter
Clone theory Chorus / Vibrato stomp box
EH1048 PROBALBY the same as a CA3094
Electric Mistress Flanger
Fuzz-Wha Fuzz-Wha/Volume effects pedal
Small Stone Phaser Vintage Phaser pedal
Elektor Electronics
Formant Modular Synthesizer
Programmable Sequenser Programmable Sequencer
Talk Funny? Ring modulator, chopper and frequency modulator
Encore Electronics
Knobby MidiController
ETI 447 Project 447 Audio Phaser
ETI 603 Sequenser
ETI Chorus / Flanger Unit Tim Orr returns to the pages of ETI with a project to make your amplifier see double - a chorus/flanger.