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Ray Wilson
Dual 4 input DC mixer Inverted and Non-inverted output
Schematic Publisher Beta 1.0 RJWSoft Schematic Publisher is a complete schematic capture and publishing system. Schematic Publisher is perfect for students, hobbyists, and professionals.
Real World Interfaces
Devil Fish Devil Fish modifications for the TB-303
Rene Schmitz
Discrete ADSR 1
Discrete ADSR 2
VCA-1 Differential Transistor Voltage Control Amplifier
VCA-2 Differential Transistor Voltage Control Amplifier with inverting input
VCA-3 Blue Box Quad VCA
VCADSR (linear slope) Linear Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator
YARM Ringmodulator Ringmodulator
YARM+ Ringmodulator Ringmodulator
BA534 9V/2.3W single-channel power amplifier
A-880 Midi-Patchbay
BX-16 Mixer
CMU 800 Compu Music
CR-800 CompuRhythm
CR8000 Computer Rhytm
CSQ-600 Digital Sequencer
Juno 106 Synthesizer
Juno 6 Analog Synthesizer
Juno 60
Jupiter 4 Compuphonic
Jupiter 6 Synthesizer
Jupiter 8 Synthesizer
JX10 Super JX
JX3p Programmable Preset Polyphonic Synthesizer
JX8P MIDI Polyphonic Synthesizer
M16C Memory Cartridge
M64C Memory Cartridge
MC202 Micro Composer
MKS-20 Digital Piano Module
MKS-30 Planet-S Synthesizer Module
MKS-50 6-voice / 6-DCO module version of Alpha Juno 2
MKS-70 Rackmountable Super JX Synthesizer
MKS-80 8 voice / 16 VCO analog synth module
Model 104 Sequencer
PG 200 Programmer for JX3p and Planet-S MKS 30
PG 300 Synthesizer Programmer
PG-800 Synthesizer Programmer
SH101 Monophonic Synthesizer
SVC-350 Rack mount Vocoder
TB 303 Bassline Computer Controlled
TR 606 Drumatix Computer Controlled
TR 707
TR 727
TR 808 Rhytm Composer
TR 909 Rythm Composer
VP-70 Voice Processor
Roman Sowa
MIDImplant MIDI2CV converter
Modular Synth Power Supply +15V, -15V, +5V, -5V PSU
Ryan Williams
AR/AD Transient Generator attack-decay / attack-release envelope generator
CMOSed MS20 filter CMOSed version of René Schmitz MS-20 filter
VC-Echo built around the PT2395 Voltage Controlled Echo