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MS20 filter clone Clone of the MS-20 filter
SAS PSU SAS Modular PSU +/- 15 Volts
SAS-Modular a modular system created by the SAS-team of Sweden.
SASVCO The VCO of the SASM modular system project
Schaeffer Apparatebau KG
Front Panel Designer A program to design Frontpanels, that Schaeffer then can manufacture in small series for you.
555 Timer Designer Schematica Software's free 555 timer design program
Resistor Color Coder Free resistor color code software
WinLAP WinLAP circuit design schematic capture and simulation software
Sequential Circuits
Pro One Analogue Synthesizer
SDS-800 Drummodule
Solid State Micro Technology for Music
SSM 2013 Voltage Controlled amplifier
SSM 2014 Operational Voltage Controlled Element
SSM 2015 Microphone Preamplifier
SSM 2020 Dual VCA
SSM 2024 Quad Current Controlled Amplifier
SSM 2030 Voltage Controlled Oscillator IC
SSM 2031 High Frequency Oscillator / Voltage to Frequency Converter
SSM 2040 Voltage Controlled Filter Circuit
SSM 2044 4-pole Voltage Controlled Filter
SSM 2045 Music Voicing System
SSM 2047 Music Voicing System
SSM 2050 Voltage Controlled Transient Generator
SSM 2056 Voltage Controlled Transient Generator
SSM 2120 Dynamic Range Processor/Dual VCA
SSM 2122 Dynamic Range Processor/Dual VCA
SSM 2210 Audio Dual Matched NPN Transistor
SSM 2220 Audio Dual Matched PNP Transistor
Spider RooM Labs
DINer MIDI to Sync24 converter
Wave Wrapper v1 Overdrive / limiter / wrapper FX
2N2905 silicon planar epitaxial PNP transistor
HCC 4000 Dual 3 input plus inverter NOR gate
HCC 4001 4001 Quad 2 input NOR gate
HCC 4002 Dual 4 input NOR gate
HCC 4025 4025 Triple 3 input NOR gate
Synthesis Technology
MOTM Modular Analog Synthesizer
Syrinx Monophonic Synthesizer