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_malfunctionator.rar !Malfunctionator Schematic PDF and Component List
_screenshot.png Screenshot of the DIY Layout Creator
000001.jpg Schematics for the Blue Clipper
000002.jpg Schematics for the EH Big Muff Pi
000003.jpg Schematics for the DOD Compressor 280
000004.jpg Schematics for the DOD Overdrive 250
000005.jpg Schematics for the EH Fuzz-Wha
000018.jpg Schematics for the EH Small Stone
00570603.pdf Picture of one half LM139.
07306368.pdf Datasheet for the CA3140
1_small.jpg Picture of the Passive VU-meter
1001010.pdf MIKADO Analog Sequencer board 1. Schematics of the Sequencer, Quantizer, Power supply, and misc circ
1001013.pdf Schematics for the second pcb board. Dividers, master clock, aux, logic, logic switches
1001014.pdf Analog sequencer pcb board 3. Schematics of more analog switches, aux, one shot, pattern generator,
10100083.jpg Picture of the KIT83 PSB
10ufcap.mp3 Moving harmonics by adding 1 capacitor
1234.php aaaaaaaaa
12stage 1080degrees phaser.gif Schematics of the 12stage phaser Schematics, component list and assembly notes for the Digisound 80 PSU
161-16800-0-2n4126.pdf Datasheet for the 2N4146
1721_warp9_e.pdf MAM Warp 9 Owners manual
1n32a.pdf Datasheet for the 1N32
1n34a.pdf Datasheet for the 1n34A
1n400x.JPG picture showing pinconfiguration of 1N4001, 4002, 4003, 4004, 4005, 4006, 4007
1n4148.jpg picture of a 1n4148
1N4148_3.pdf Datasheet of the 1N4148
1N914.pdf Datasheet for the 1n914
1octave.mp3 Modded monotron improvisation
1s1588.pdf Datasheet for the 1S1588 diode
2_fm_percussion.mp3 Bell Tones, Classic Linear FM Synthesis patch with FM Modulation Index dynamically modulated by an e
2_x_sas_synced_with_diff_waveforms_freq_sweep.mp3 2 SAS-VCO's synced together, via the sync in, and waveform out from the second VCO. Frequency is swe
2164-vca.jpg Simple schematic how how to build a VCA around a SSM2164
232209_ds.pdf Datasheet for the DM74LS00
241.jpg Project Photo
2600a.jpg 2600 paths to happiness. A Magazine article with a retrospective look on the ARP 2600. Published in
2600b.jpg 2600 paths to happiness. A Magazine article with a retrospective look on the ARP 2600. Published in
2720.jpg Picture of the Paia 2720 Modular system
2720-buildamodular-article.pdf Build a modular electronic music synthesizer Radio-Electronics article from May through Oct
2812_bom.pdf Bill of material for the 281 Clone.
281clonepcbsm.jpg Picture of a small part of the PCB by Toppobrillo.
281-large.jpg Frontpanel picture of the Buchla 281.
2n2222.pdf Datasheet for the 2N2222/2N2222A NPN Transistors
2n2484.pdf DAtasheet for the 2N2484
2n2907.pdf Datasheet for the 2N2905 and 2N2907.
2n3536.pdf Datasheet for the 2N3536
2n3565.pdf Datasheet for the PN3565 2N3565.
2n3819.pdf Datasheet for the 2N3819
2N3904_3.pdf Datasheet for 2N3904
2N3906_3.pdf Datasheet for the 2N3906
2n4124.pdf Datasheet for the 2N4124 and MMBT4124.
2n4125.pdf Datasheet for the 2N4125
2n4401.pdf Datasheet for the 2N4401 MMBT4401
2n4856.pdf Datasheet for the 2N4856, 2N4857, 2N4858, 2N4859, 2N4860, 2N4861
2n5088-d.pdf Datasheet for the 2N5088 and 2N5089
2n5306.jpg Pinconfiguration for the TO92 2n5306
2n5306.pdf Datasheet for the 2N5306.
2n5457.pdf Datasheet for the 2N5457, 2N5458, 2N5459, MMBF5457, MMBF5458, MMBF5459.
2sa1015.pdf Datasheet for the 2SA1015
2sa1349.pdf Datasheet for the 2SA1349.
2sa733.pdf Datasheet for the 2SA733
2sa733_t.jpg Picture of the 2SA733
2sa970.jpg Pinconfig of the 2SA970
2sa970.pdf Datasheet for the 2sa970
2sb324.jpg Pin out for the SB324
2sb324.pdf Datasheet for the 2SB324 PNP Transistor
2SC1583.pdf Datasheet for the 2SC1583. Its in japanese though...
2sc1815.pdf Datasheet for the 2SC1815 NPN Transistor
2sc2240.pdf Datasheet for the 2SC2240
2sc3378.pdf Table of mini package series, short datasheet description for the following: Tranistors NPN: 2SC24
2sc3381.pdf Datasheet for the 2SC3381.
2sc732tm.pdf Datasheet for the 2SC732 transistor
2sc945.pdf Datasheet for the NEC 2SC945A
2sk117.pdf Datasheet for the Toshiba 2SK117
2sk118.pdf Datasheet for the 2SK118 transistor.
2sk184.jpg Pinconfig of the 2SK184
2sk184.pdf Datasheet for the 2SK184 transistor
2sk30.jpg Picture of the 2SK30
2sk30a.pdf Datasheet for the 2SK3049
2sk30a_japanese.pdf Japanese Datasheet for the 2SK30. Some english translations in it, that can be useful, also pinouts.
2sk30atm_en_datasheet_030325.pdf Datasheet for the 2SK30ATM
3.jpg The BETA of sympleSEQ (sans panel) -- the real boards will of course not be hobby style! The manual, 90gifs in a zipfile. Taken from check out their site for more 303stuf
4_bluesmix.mp3 Overdubbing three passes of Zeroscillator voices with no filters! Zeroscillator AUDIO DEMOS by Ma
4001.gif Picture showing the signal flow and pinconfiguration of the 4001
4002.jpg Pinconfiguration of the 4002
4006_blockdiagram.jpg Block diagram for the HEF4006.
40106.jpg Pinoout for the 40106
40106.pdf Datasheet for the 40106
4013.gif Picture showing the signal flow and pinconfiguration of the 4013
4016.jpg Block diagram and pin configuration for the 4016
4049_inverter.bmp pinconfiguration of the 4049 logic IC
4051.gif Pinconfiguration for the 4051 Logic circuit
4066.pdf Pinconfiguration of the 4066
4067.bmp Pinconfiguration of the 4067
4081.gif Pinconfig and signal flow diagram of the 4081
4093.jpg Pin configuration for the CD4093B.
4341805163_9f801e1647_b.jpg Final proto!
4520_1.gif Pinconfiguration for the 4520 Logic circuit
45-ciarcia.pdf Part one of Steve Ciarcias article about the AVMux. From The Computers Applications Journal issue#45
4700rdme.txt explainatory file for a series of articles about the modules of the 4700. See the separate modules f
4700ug.pdf A guide for using the Paia 4700/S Synthesizer system
4710balm.gif 4710 Schematics
4710balm.txt PAiA 4710 Balanced Modulator Design Analysis, originally published 1974
4710figs.gif Explanatory wavefigures of the 4710 operations
4740adsr.gif Schematics for the 4740
4740adsr.txt Explainatory text for the 4740 ADSR
4780blck.gif Block diagram of the 4780 sequencer
4780clck.gif Schematics of the Sequencer clock circuitry in the 4780
4780rcnt.gif 4780 Ring counter, CV out Schematic
4780sequ.txt PAiA 4780 Twelve stage analog sequencer Design Analysis
4n25.pdf Datasheet for the 4N25, 4n26, 4n27, 4n28 Optocouplers.
4n28.jpg Picture of a 4N28 optocoupler DIL8 chip.
5_wicked.mp3 Three crazy Zeroscillators throwing a fit! Zeroscillator AUDIO DEMOS by Mark Barton The fol
550turbostart.pdf A onepage "manual" for the DR550/MkII
555.pdf Datasheet for NE555
555_free.png Screenshot of the 555 Designer
555_light_theremin_PL.txt Parts List for the 555 Light Theremin
555theremincircuit.gif Schematics of the 555 Light Theremin
556.pdf Datasheet for NE556 Dual Timer
582321154219521xx-EZLite.jpg Picture of the EZ-kit Lite
603-panel2.png Panel drawing
6581.pdf Datasheet for the SID chip from Commodore, Preliminary
6N136.pdf Datasheet for the 6n136
6n137.jpg pinconfiguration, and schematics of the 6n137
6N137.pdf Datasheet for the 6n137
6N138.pdf Datasheet for the 6n138
6N139.pdf Datasheet for the 6n139
700.gif Schematics of the MiniKorg 700
700s-b.jpg Picture of the 700 Owners manual for the TR 707
707initializingfactorysettings.txt How to initialize the factory settings for the tr707 and tr727
707transmitmidi.txt How to make the 707 & 727 transmit its sequences over MIDI. That way it can act as a sequencer and l
723_kopelista.xls Componentlist, also the ELFA partsnumbers (swedish)
74107.pdf Datasheet for the 74107
7413.txt Pinconfiguration and logical output of the 7413
74hc_hct154_6.pdf Datasheet for the 74HC154/74HCT154
74hc_hct4046a_cnv.pdf Datasheet for the 74HC4046/74HCT4046
74hc_hct595.pdf Datasheet for the 74HC595 and 74HCT595.
74hc4017.pdf Datasheet for the 74HC/HCT4017 Johnson decade counter with 10 decoded outputs
74HC4049_CNV_2.pdf Datasheet for the 74HC4049
74hc4051.pdf Datasheet for the 74HC/HCT4051 8-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer
74hc4514.pdf Datasheet for the 74HC4514.
74hc4520.pdf Datasheet for the 74HC/HCT4520
74hchct10.pdf Datasheet for the 74HC10 and 74HCT10 Triple 3-input NAND gate.
74ls00.pdf Datasheet for the SN54LS00 and SN74LS00
74ls244.pdf Datasheet for the 74LS244
74ls367.pdf Datasheet for the 74LS367
770.jpg Schematics of the 770, bad resolution
770-b.gif picture of the 770
800dv.gif Overall Circuit Diagram (Schematics) of the 800DV
800DVoman.pdf Owners Manual for the Maxikorg K3 Synthesizer, 800DV. Own it dont blow it. ;)
800px-elektron_sid_station.jpg Picture of the SIDstation
80-1.pdf Service Manual, assembly plan for the 80-1 Digisound Power Supply
80-1_eti.pdf ETI article about the Digisound 80-1
80-1_pcb.gif PCB layout for the Digisound 80-1 Power Supply
80-2.jpg Frontpanel view of the 80-2 VCO
80-2.pdf Service manual, with Schematics, PCB, componentlist for the 80-2 VCO
80-2_3_pcb.gif PCB for the Digisound 80-2 and 80-3
80-4.fpd Frontpanel Designer file for the 80-4 Original 9 x 3 inch
80-4.jpeg Picture of the frontpanel of the 80-4
80-4_5_eti.pdf Article from ETI March 1980 for the 80-4 and 80-5
80-4_motm.fpd Frontpanel Designer file of the 80-4 MOTM-format 5U x 2U
80-4_pcb.gif PCB foil for the 80-4
80-4a.pdf Digisound document for 80-4A
80-5.jpeg Picture of the 80-5
80-5.pdf Digisound document for the 80-5
808.jpg Small picture of the TR808
909.jpg Picture of the 909
9090_topview1b.jpg Picture of an assembled 9090
9090userguide161102.pdf 9090 Construction and Operation Guide Revision date: 16th November 2002
9710blk.gif 9710 Signal flow
9710fota.jpg Picture of the 9710VCF
9710scha.gif Schematics for the Paia 9710 VCA and Balanced Modulator sections
9710schb.gif schematics of the Paia 9710 Modulator section
9710vcap.gif Frontpanel of the 9710
9720b.jpg a picture of the 9720 VCO
9720blk.gif 9720 Signal flow
9720sch.gif Schematics for the Paia 9720 VCO
9720vcop.gif No more info
9730b.jpg Picture of the 9730 VCF module
9730blk.gif Block diagram of the 9730 VCF
9730sch.gif Schematics for the 9730 VCF
9730vcfp.gif Frontpanel design of the 9730 VCF
a100rack.gif Picture of a grand Doepfer A100 system
a-110_m.gif Picture of the frontpanel
a-111_m.gif Frontpanel view
a-117_m.gif Frontpanel picture of the A117
a-118_m.gif Frontpanel view of the A118
a128.gif Frontpanel of the A128
A143.bmp Frontpanel picture of the A143.
a880.jpg Roland A-880 Midi-Patch
aaron_cram_ringmod.gif Schematics for the Apache Ring Modulator
aaroncram_ringmod_001.jpg Picture of a breadboard mounted Apache Ring Modulator
AB-24.pdf Bench testing LM3900 and LM359 Input Parameters
abcd.aspx sss
ac128.jpg "This is both the oldest and arguably the best sounding AC128"
ad100delay.gif Schematics for the AD100 analog delay
ad633_d.pdf Datasheet for the AD633
ad75019_c.pdf Datasheet for the AD75019
ad823.jpg Picture of the AD823 Dual Jfet
ad823.pdf Datasheet for the AD823 Dual Jfet.
adsr.png Schematics of a dicrete ADSR
adsr2.png Schematics of the second discrete ADSR by Rene Shmitz
ah-juno6.jpg Piture of the Juno6
ajan.asp cc
Akai_AX-73_Owners_Manual.pdf Owners manual for the Akai AX-73.
amdek_pck-100_assembly.pdf Assembly plan for the Amdek PCK-100 Percussion synthesizer
amdek_pck-100_cv-mod.gif External CV mod in modification for the Amdek PCK-100 Percussion synthesizer
amdek_pck-100_mods.pdf Modifications for the Amdek PCK-100 Percussion synthesizer. Change the VCO and LFO range amongst oth
amdek_pck-100_pcb-parts.pdf Picture of the finished PCB for the Amdek PCK-100 Percussion synthesizer
amdek_pck-100_schematic.gif Schematics of the Amdek PCK-100 Percussion synthesizer
amdek_pck-100_settings.pdf Sound sample settings for the Amdek PCK-100 Percussion synthesizer.
amdek_pck-100_specs.pdf Specifications for the Amdek PCK-100 Percussion synthesizer.
amore_exerciser_080605-1.jpg This is the AMORE exerciser with the VCBPF board in operation.
amp_comp1.txt Componentlist
AN-278.pdf Application Notes for Fast Dual Norton Amplifiers
an2md_ct.gif Schematics for the Analogue Inputs to MIDI
AN-390.pdf application notes to LM 1036
AN-72.pdf Application notes on the LM2900
anal_ips.gif Schematics of different interfaces
anal2mid.jpg Picture of the Analogue Inputs to MIDI
analog-harmonizer_rfharmsch1.jpg Page 1 of 2 of the Schematics for the Analogue Harmonizer
analog-harmonizer_rfharmsch2.jpg Page 1 of 2 of the Schematics for the Analogue Harmonizer
analogue.sequencer.gif Schematics for the Basic Sequencer
analogue.sequencer.txt Componentlist to the Basic Sequencer
angrybeardiii.jpg Schematics for the Angry beard III
antre-yves.jpg Picture of Yves in front of his modular system.
ar.gif Schematics of an attack release envelope generator
ar-ad_eg_12-10-2005.pdf Schematics for the AR/AD Transient Generator.
ardcore_feature.jpg Picture of the Arduino from the website
ardcore_feature.png Picture of the Arduino from the website
arduino.jpg Picture of the Arduino platform
Arp 2600_Owners Manual.pdf Arp 2600 Owners manual
arp.Axxe.jpg Picture of the ARP Axxe
ARP_2600_man.pdf Manual for the ARP2600 Semi-modular Synthesizer
ARP_2600_Owners_Manual.pdf Owners manual for the ARP 2600
ARP_2600_Service_Manual.pdf Service Manual for the ARP2600 Service manual for the ARP 2600
ARP_Avatar_Service_Manual.pdf Service Manual for the ARP Avatar
ARP_Axxe_Service_Manual.pdf Service manual for the ARP Axxe.
ARP_Odyssey_Service_Manual.pdf Service manual for the ARP Odyssey
ARP_Omni-2_Service_Manual.pdf Service manual for the OMNI-2 models 2471, 2472, 2473, & 2475
arp_quadra.jpg Picture of the ARP Quadra
ARP_Quadra_Owners_Manual.pdf Owners manual for the ARP Quadra.
ARP_Quadra_Schematic.pdf Schematics for the ARP Quadra synthesizer.
ARP_Quadra_Service_Manual.pdf Service manual for the ARP Quadra
ARP_Quartet_Service_Manual.pdf Service manual for the ARP Quartet synthesizer
ARP_Sequencer_1601_Service_Manual.pdf Service manual for the ARP Sequencer model 1601.
ARP_Solus_Owners_Manual.pdf Owners manual for the ARP Solus.
ARP_Solus_Service_Manual.pdf Service manual for the ARP Solus
arp1601.jpg Picture of an Arp Sequencer Model 1601
Arp2600.jpg Arp 2600
ARP2600_PatchBook.pdf A Patchbook with sound patches for the ARP2600. Scanned by [].
Arp2600-ServiceManual.pdf ARP 2600-2606 Service Manual.
Arp3620Keyboard-OwnersManual.pdf Owners manual for the ARP 3620
Arp3620Keyboard-ServiceManual.pdf Service manual for the Model 3620 Keyboard
arplogo.jpg The ARP Logo.
arpprosoloist01.jpg Picture of the ARP ProSoloist
ArpQuadra-OwnersManual.pdf Owners manual for the ARP Quadra.
ArpQuadra-Schematics.pdf Schematics for the ARP Quadra Synthesizer
ArpQuadra-ServiceManual.pdf Service manual for the ARP Quadra synthesizer
ARPring.gif Schematics for the ARPring ringmodulator
ArpSolus-Manual.pdf Owners manual for the ARP Solus
ArpSolus-UsersManual.pdf Users manual for the ARP SOlus
artikel beatbox1.jpg "The Beat Generation" article about the progress of drummachines. Page 1 of 2
artikel beatbox2.jpg "The Beat Generation" article about the progress of drummachines. Page 2 of 2
ascom40.jpg Picture of the difference between new ELFOLIE and old.
asm1ns.pdf asm 1 noise source schematics
asm1rack2.jpg Picture pf the ASM-1X
asm1rackblue.jpg Picture of the ASM-1X
asm1x_orig.jpg Picture of the ASM-1X
aspshell.asp aaaaa
at90s8515.pdf Datasheet for the 90S8515 Atmel microcontroller.
atari_punk_console_schem_556.jpg Schematics for the Atari Punk Console
atarilayout.gif PCB layout and connection diagram for the Atari Punk Console.
ataripunk_20070928.jpg Picture of Atari Punk Consoles
atripnk1.gif Picture of another Atari Punk Console.
audio_artist.mp3 Example of the sound effects that can be created with the Audio Artist Article from Popular Electronics with description, and schematics to build the Audio Artist
avancerad_lofi_leslie_från_tomita.jpg Schematics or so to say for the Advanced lofi leslie Service manual for the ARP Axxe model 2300, Highres scanned pictures in a zip-file.
B11614_1.gif Blockdiagram and pinconfiguration of the CA3140
b257.jpg Schematics for the Buchla Model 257 Dual Control Voltage Processor
ba3812l.pdf Datasheet for BA 3812
ba534.bmp BA534 Pinout
ba534.pdf Datasheet for the BA534
ba6110.pdf Datasheet for the BA6110
ba662img.jpg Picture showing the BA662
back.jpg Picture showing PCB and panel mounted together.
backpanel.jpg Back of oscillator panel showing waveshape circuit. The dual waveshape circuit divides the PIC squar
balmod.pdf Schematics for the Balanced Modulator
bassace_docv2.pdf Schematics, parts list, PCB, assembly plan, and notes for the BassAce.
bassdrum.txt This describes how to fatten up your 606 bassdrum. It's definitely a must - after you've heard a mod
battery.txt the last word on saving your patterns
bbdrum-anatomy.jpg Picture showing the BuroBleepDrum and explanation of components.
BC107_108_109_4.pdf Datasheet for the BC107, BC108, BC109.
bc184.pdf Datasheet for the BC184
bc237.pdf Datasheet for the BC237, BC237B
bc307_2.pdf Datasheet for the BC307, BC307B
bc327.pdf Datasheet for the BC327 PNP Transistor
BC548.pdf Datasheet for BC546/547/548/549/550
BC549_550_4.pdf Datasheet for the BC 549, and BC 550.
bc550.pdf Datasheet for the BV546,BC547,BC548,BC549 and BC550
BC558.pdf Datasheet for the BC556/557/558/559/560
bc856.pdf Datasheet for the BC856, BC857, BC858, BC859, and BC860 PNP transistors
bd_diagramme_modif.jpg Schematics for the Bassdrum mod by confused machines
bdx54c.pdf Datasheet for the BDX54
bergfotron_VCPsimple.gif schematics for the Berfotron VCP
bf256a.jpg Pinconfiguration of the BF256A
bf256a-d.pdf Datasheet for the BF256A
bigbriarvoyager1M.jpg Moog Music Voyager
bitone.jpg No more info
bleep-drum-front-300.jpg Picture of The Bleep Drum
Bleeps-random.mp3 Sound example of the MAS861
Bleeps-switch.mp3 Another soundfile showing what the MAS861 sounds like.
block.htm Block Diagram text
block.jpg Block Diagram
boardscolourweb.jpg A graphical rendering of the boards.
bodefreqshifter.jpg Picture of a Bode Frequency shifter.
boss.jpg Logo of Boss
boss_bf.gif Schematics for the Boss BF
boss_ce2.gif Schematics for the Boss CE-2 Chorus.
boss_dc-2.gif Schematics for the Boss DC2
Boss_DR-110_Service_Manual.pdf Service manual for the Boss DR-110
boss_ft-2.png Schematics for the Boss FT-2 Dynamic Filter.
Boss_Handclap.gif Schematics and in outs for the Amdek (Boss) Hand Clapper HCK-100
BOSS_HM-3.png Schematics for the Boss HM-3 Hyper metal stomp box.
BOSS_LM-2.png Schematics for the Boss LM-2.
boss_lm-2_001.jpg Picture of the Boss LM-2 limiter pedal.
Boss_PC2.gif Schematics for the Boss PC-2
boss_pq-4.png Schematics for the Boss PQ4 Parametric Equalizer.
BOSS_SD-2.png Schematics for the Boss SD-2 Dual Overdrive
BOSS_TM-7.png Schematics for the Boss TM-7
boss_vb2.jpg picture of the Boss VB-2
boss_vb2_schem.jpg Schematics for the Boss VB-2
bossce-3.jpg Schematics of the Boss CE-3 Chorus
bossds1.jpg Picture of the Boss DS-1
bosssg1.gif Schematics for the SG-1
bosstm7.jpg Picture of the Boss TM-7
breaks.txt Making grungy breaks on your 606 isn't as hard as you would think. It mainly
buchla.jpg The Buchla 200 series of EMS institute in Stockholm.
buchla_1.jpg Information and formula
buchla_2810_1_200.jpg Schematics for the Buchla 281 Quad function generator Control software for the x0xb0x, Windows version.
c3310pdf.pdf Datasheet for CEM 3310
c3312pdf.pdf No more info
c3320pdf.pdf Datasheet for CEM3320 Voltage Controlled Filter
c3328pdf.pdf No more info
c3330pdf.pdf No more info
c3340pdf.pdf No more info
c3350pdf.pdf No more info
c3360pdf.pdf No more info
c3365pdf.pdf Datasheet for the CEM 3365
c3371pdf.pdf No more info
c3372pdf.pdf No more info
c3374pdf.pdf No more info
c3378pdf.pdf Datasheet for the CEM3378 and the CEM3379
c3389pdf.pdf Datasheet for the 3389.
c3391pdf.pdf No more info
c3396pdf.pdf No more info
c5530pdf.pdf Preliminary Datasheet for the CEM5530
ca3080.pdf Datasheet for the CA3080
ca3094.pdf Datasheet for the CA3094.
ca3140.pdf Datasheet for the CA3140
ca3160.pdf Datasheet for the CA3160.
CA8013.pdf Datasheet for the Harris CA8013
CA8013_1.gif Typical aplications for the CA8013
capacitor_conversion.htm Capacitator value conversion table
Casio_CZ-1_Owners_Manual.pdf Owners manual for the CZ-1. HiRes Cat SRM Service Manual
cat_srm_synthesizer.gif Schematics over the CAT SRM Synthesizer. HiRes Cat SRM Users Manual
catoct2.jpg Picture of the Octave CAT Octave the Cat Service manual. Octave the Cat users manual
cd4007c.pdf Datasheet for the CD4007.
cd4013.pdf Datasheet for the CD4013.
cd4016bc.pdf Datasheet for the CD4016.
CD4021BC.pdf Datasheet for the CD4021
CD4030C.pdf Datasheet for the 4030
cd4040b.pdf Datasheet for the the CD4020B, CD4024B, CD4040B
cd4046bc.pdf Datasheet for the CD4046
cd4049.pdf Datasheet for the Texas instruments CD4049
cd4049ub.pdf Datasheet for the UNBUFFERED versions of CD4049, CD4050 also called CD4049UB and CD4050B
CD4050BC.pdf Datasheet for the CD4049 and CD4050 Hex Inverting and Non-inverting buffers
CD4051BC.pdf Datasheet for the CD4051
CD4066BC.pdf Datasheet for the CD4066
cd4093bc.pdf Datasheet for the CD4093, CD4093BM, CD4093BC Quad 2-input NAND Schmitt Trigger
ce2.jpg Picture of the Boss CE-2 Chorus guitar pedal
ce3.jpg Picture of the Boss CE-3.
cem3340.jpg picture of the CEM3340
cem3379.jpg Picture of a CEM3379 chip.
cf_live_big.jpg Picture of Control Freak LIVE
cfrk.jpg Picture of the Control Freak Original
cfsemid.jpg Picture of ControlFreak Studio Version
chatterbox-1976.pdf Article from the December 1978 issue of Wireless World about the Chatterbox.
cheetah.gif No more info
cheramic_capacitor.jpg Picture of a cheramic capacitor
circuit_description.txt Descriptions to accompany the photos
circuit_xr2206_function_generator-1.jpg Schematics for the XR2206 Function Generator
circuitlab.png Circuitlab logo
cj03.mp3 Sounddemonstration of the Devilfish mod
clockdivider-sch.gif Schematics for the Yusynth Clock Divider
clonetheory.jpg Picture of the Clone theory
cmosed_ms20_filter_11-18-2005.pdf Schematics for the CMOSed MS20 filter
cmu800.jpg Picture of the CMU800
cmu800_sch.gif Schematics of the Roland CMU800
Taken from the Synthfool si
Color_Coder.png Picture of how the resistor color coder program looks like.
complete-1.jpg Picture of the Oakley sound Systems TB3030
compmakersmall.jpg Screenshot of the Schematic Publisher software.
coolaudio_v2164d.jpg Picture of the 2164 DIL-package.
cpanel.asp cv
cpda381.pdf Datasheet to the PA381/382
cr800f.jpg Picture of the Roland CR-800
craigandertonbuffer.gif Schematics for the Craig Anderton Buffer
Crumar_Bit_One_Owners_Manual.pdf Owners manual for the Crumar BIT-ONE
crumards2.jpg Picture of the Crumar DS-2
CrumarDS2-Schematics.pdf Schematics for the Crumar DS-2
cs01e_ownersmanual.pdf Owners manual for the Yamaha CS01
cs01-midi.jpg Picture of the Highly Liquid CS01 MIDI Retrofit
cs10.jpg Yamaha CS-10
cs15_cpa.png Schematics for the CS-15 CPA circuit
cs15_cpb.png Schematics for the CS-15. CPB circuit diagram.
cs-15_mods.pdf The Don Solaris Mods for the Yamaha CS-15 Mod 1 - Extended LFO precision Mod 2 - Filters in series
cs15_ssk.png Schematics for the CS-15. SSK circuit diagram
CS15E.pdf Yamaha Synthesizer CS15 owners manual
cs5_nikro.jpg Picture of the CS5
CS5E.pdf Yamaha Synthesizer CS-5 Owners Manual Block diagram of the CS80
cs80_c_codes.jpg Color codes for wiring to the circuit boards.
cs80_circuit_and_components.pdf CS80 Circuits & Components
CS80_manual.pdf CS-80 Owners manual CS-80 Overall Circuit Diagram Zipped file with 2 files showing the panel layout of the Yamaha CS-80.
cslogo.gif CadSoft logo
csq-600_om.pdf Owners manual for the CSQ-600 Zipped HEX file to program the 16F877 for the CV to MIDI converter
cv2m877s.txt Source code for the CV to MIDI converter by Tom Scarff
cv2midct.gif Schematics for Tom Scarffs CV to MIDI converter
cv2midov.jpg PCB layout of the CV to MIDI converter
cv2midov_small.jpg PCB layout of the CV to MIDI converter
cvdistributor.gif Schematics of the CV/distributor
cvmix.gif Schematics for the CV mixer
cyberspy5.asp mg
DA4148ds.pdf Datasheet for the DA4148
darkblade1.5.asp vxc
dark-side-pcb.jpg PCB "DARK SIDE"
DB_SCRN.gif Screenshot from the DREHBANK editor Zip file with all the information neede to build the DBOP.
dbop_mod_16out_seq.gif Modification of the DBOP to get 16 outs instead.
dcmixer.gif Schematics for the DC-mixer
deg_2a.pdf Schematics, PCB, parts layout and Parts list
delay.jpg Picture of Nikros Analogue Delay Unit
delay.pdf Schematics for the Analogue Delay Unit
delay_schem.pdf Schematics for the Nikro Delay
delta.jpg Product Brochure of the Korg Delta

desc_n_parts.txt Parts list and description for the DINer
detunesaw.wav Detuned sawtooth, hear the detune
devilfish_incase.jpg Picture of a TB303 with the Devilfish mod.
df5-q6.jpe Picture of the DevilFish modification as it look on the TB303
digidesign80.jpg Picture of a Digisound 80 modular system
Digital_Ringmodulator.htm Picture of the Ibanez FL-301 Flanger
digitrac_scheme_active.png A simple schematics for the Logic probe cable. See more information on the site.
dil-8-generic.png DIL-8
dil-8-special.jpg Special 8-pin Dual In-Line Program Source etc.
dinerpc1.gif PCB Component side
dinerpc2.gif PCB Solderside
dinersch.gif Schematics for the DINer
Diode_ladder_filter.bmp Schematics for the Diode ladder filter by Juergen Haible, this schematics is handdrawn by the man, w
diode_rectifier_m7.jpg Features: The plastic package carries Underwriters laboratory Flammability Classification 94V-0 F
divider-module.jpg Picture of the Yusynth clock divider.
diy_layout.exe Installation file for the DIY Layout Creator.
dm74ls93.pdf Datasheet for the DM74LS90 and DM74LS93 Decade and Binary Counters
doc0368.pdf Datasheet for the Atmel AT89C2051
dod_585_analog_delay.jpg DOD 585 Analog Delay
dod_fx60.gif Schematics for the DOD FX60 Stereo Chorus
dod_fx67_dual_turbo_chorus.gif Schematics for the DOD FX67 Stereo Turbo Chorus
dod585.jpg Schematics for the DOD 585 Analog Delay
doepferlogo.jpg Doepfer Logo
downbeat.mp3 V3 Arpeggiator demo
drawdio.jpg Picture of a newly finsihed assembled kit from Adafruit, built by Marc de Vinck for Make.
drawdiopcb_t.jpg Adafruits PCB for the Drawdio
drehbank.bmp Picture of the Doepfer Drehbank
drumtone.gif Schematics for the Drumtone from PAIA
ds1869.pdf Datasheet for the DS1869
ds1pg2.jpg Schematics for the Boss DS-1 Distortion Stompbox.
dts_vtl5c2232.pdf Datasheet for the VTL5C2/2 and VTL5c3/2
dual_power_rail.gif Power rail decoupling for the Utility LFO.
dual_voltage_processor.jpg Frontpanel of the Buchla 257 Dual Voltage Processor
dw-8000_manual.pdf Owners manual for the Korg DW8000
dw-8000_service_manual.pdf Service manual for the Korg DW8000 Blurry scan of the schematics but it should be good enough to fix most fault on this machine.
e7910.jpg TO-18 case PNP transistor type eg. BC187
efm_deg2a.jpg picture of the DEG2a
efm_kbd2e.jpg Picture of the EFM KBD2e Keyboard to CV converter
efm_pv-1.jpg Picture of the frontpanel design of the PV-1
efm_wav1b.jpg Picture of the WAV1b
efm_vclfo5a.jpg Frontpanel picture of the EFM VCLFO 5a
efm-tomcat.pdf Assembly plan, schematics, componentlist and pcbs for the EFM Tomcat Midi Synthesizer
efm-wildcat.pdf Owners manual / schematics, and explanation of all the circuits and how to build and wire them in th
efso_2.asp aff
eglfo_1a.pdf Schematics, PCB, and partslist for the EGLFO1a
egypt.wav Two thin pulses. 1 Oscillator changes to M position near end
ehmist.gif Schematics for the Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress
electguitar.wav Electric Guitar
electro_harmonix_clone_theory_mn3007.jpg Schematics for the Electro Harmonix Clone Theory.
elproseq.pdf Elektor Programmable sequenser. Articles, Schematics, Partslist, manual, PCB, yes everything you might need to build the E&MM Spectr
Envelator-031001.pdf User Manual for the Wiard Dual Envelator
envelope-skew.mp3 Sample of skew under envelope control.
EnvyLope_V3.pdf Schematics and description of the EnvyLope version 3 Eprom with the Crash, Hihats and ride samples for the TR909 and 9090.
equalizer_w_BA3812L.gif Schematics of a 5 band EQ using BA 3812.
eti_chorus-flanger.pdf ETI Chorus-Flanger, original project article.
eti_reverb_mods_send_by_mister707.pdf Excuseme Layout & PCB; AH siempre me equivoco; aca va:
eti447.pdf Article, schematics, pcb and parts lists for the ETI 447 Audio Phaser The whole article (all five files) in one zip file.
etilogo.gif Electronics Today International ETI Logo
eti-mn3011reverb.pdf Article from ETI explaining the SSRU, schematics pcb layout and assembly plan
etiseq1.jpg Page one of the article (1/5)
etiseq2.jpg Page two of the article (2/5)
etiseq3.jpg Page two of the article (3/5)
etiseq4.jpg Page four of the article (4/5)
etiseq5.jpg Page five of the article (5/5)
evolver_beta.jpg Picture of the evolver
ex-800.jpg Korg EX-800
ex800_pic.jpg Picture of the Korg EX800
exppent.gif Schematics for the ExpPent Exponential Converter
ez1.jpg Screenshot of EZalpha version 2.01b released 1/1/2000 of the EZalpha software.
Fab-assignment-ckt-10-00.pdf Schematics for the Psedo random sound generator (MAS861)
fabckt-small.jpg ¨Picture showing the assembled MAS861
fat.wma Fat sound of new waveshaper, see BLOG on picsynth website
fatman.gif 19inch Fatman
fatmcase.jpg Picture of the Fatman tablemodel. Modifications for the Fatman, including the following mods: Glide Mod, Oscillator Mod, Filter/VCA
fatmwork.pdf Documentation Schematics parts list and assembly plan for the Paia Fatman
fbt_synther-2000.jpg Picture of the FBT Synther 2000.
filtamp.jpg Filter/Amplifier Module :
Attack, decay, filter cutoff frequency, master volume, filter voltage
filter.wav Detune + filter resonance high
filter_pcb_manual_v1.2.txt The email "manual" that Gunnar sent out to all involved in the project. Its in swedish but _might_ h
final.gif PCB template for DIY build. For more info see
finger.txt Try this out.. open your 606. on the right side of the mode selection
finished.jpg Picture of a Rackmounted MadMouse
flanger.pdf ETI article containg all information about the flanger/chorus unit.
formant1.gif The formant of Rick Jansen
FPD_Frontplatte.jpg picture of the Frontpanel Designer
frasoton-1_300x185.jpg Picture of the backside of the Fräsoton.
frasoton-2_300x183.jpg Picture of the Fräsoton
front.jpg Front panel design for the Thomas Henry XR VCO
frontpanel.gif Formant Frontpanel design for the Moog Ladder Filter
fronts.gif Frontpanel Layout of the Elektor Modules
ft2.jpg Picture of the Boss FT-2.
funct.gif Schematics for a simple function generator using 1458
function-generator-by-ic-1458.jpg Schematics for the function generator using 1458.
fuzz.pdf Practical Electronics magazine article with schematics and pcb design for the PE fuzz box.
fuzzyballs1.pdf Schematics for the Fuzzy Balls
fuzzyballs2.pdf Jacks and Switches schematics for the Fuzzy Balls
fwr0306.gif Schematics for the Single-Opamp Fullwave Rectifier by Osama Hoshuyama
fxout_9090_mod_BASSDRUM.JPG Schematics of an effect send out on the 9090, TR909 Sound module clone.
g-808-system-00.jpg Picture of the Roland GR-300, G-808 and FS-3 Combination
gep.pdf Practical Electronics magazine article of the GEP, containing schematics and partslist and assembly
glide.pdf Schematics for two CV Glide circuits, one gated.
glide.wma Example of portamento/glide
Gnome Micro Synthesizer Manual.pdf Gnome Manual A zip file with jpg images of patches for the Paia Gnome
gnome-howto-article.pdf Radio Electronics magazine article on how to build the GNOME from 1975. By John Simonton
h11f1.pdf Datasheet for the H11F1.
h11f1pin.jpg Pin configuration for the H11F1.
hand_clapper.jpg Picture from the magazine article of the Hand Clapper along with explanation of ins and outs and kno
hcc4001.pdf datasheet of st's 4001
headamp1c.gif Schematics of Tom Wongs Headphone amp Postscript file for the PCB of Tom Wings HIFI Headphone Amp.
hef4001b.pdf Datasheet for the 4001
hef4002.pdf Datasheet for the HEF4002, HEF4002B, 4002BP, 4002BD, 4002BT
hef4006b.pdf Datasheet for the 4006 18-stage static shift register.
hef4007ub_cnv_3.pdf Datasheet for the HEF 4007 Logic Circuit
hef40106b.pdf Datasheet for the 40106
HEF4011UB_CNV_3.pdf Datasheet for the 4011
hef4015.jpg block diagram for the HEF4015
hef4015b.pdf Datasheet for the 4015
hef4016b_cnv.pdf Datasheet for the HEF4016
hef4017b.pdf Datasheet for the 4017
hef4024b.pdf Datasheet for the HEF4024
hef4047b.pdf Datasheet for the HEF4047
hef4051b.pdf Datasheet for the HEF4051.
hef4066b.pdf Datasheet for the HEF 4066
hef4067b.pdf Datasheet for the 4067
hef4070.jpg Block diagram for the HEF4070.
hef4070b.pdf Datasheet for the 4070, HEF4070, HEF4070B, HEF4070BP, HEF4070BD, HEF4070BT
hef4081b.pdf Datasheet for the HEF4081
hef4514b.pdf Datasheet for the HEF4514b.
hef4520b.pdf Datasheet for the 4520
hela.jpg Picture of the circuitboard and 19" rackpanel.
hj_garden.jpg Jürgen with one of his Creations in his garden.
hm3.jpg picture of the HM3
house.wav Made this up. Top key priority makes for eady playing
Ibanez_Flanger_FL301.pdf Original schematics for the FL301 from Ibanez
ibanez-ad80.jpg Picture of an Ibanez AD-80, belonging to Dexter Radley (at the time of the picture)
iban-fl301-0312.jpg Picture of the Ibanez FL-301 Flanger.
icke_inverterad_mixer.jpg No more info
img_0012a.jpg the Transistor placement as it SHOULD have looked.
img_0027.jpg Picture of the thyristor in place
img_0036.jpg Picture of the SAS PSU
img_0038.jpg the Transistor is connected to the PCB with cables.
img_8589.jpg Tone edit parameters, 11-88, page 1 of 2
img_8590.jpg Performance edit parameters, 11-67, page 2 of 2 also Utility edit parameters
improv1.wma Longer demo of the sound of the PICsynth.
indexer.asp aaa
info_bygg_psu.txt Short information about the PSU and how to build it. (in Swedish)
inverterad_mixer.gif No more info
isd1416.pdf Datasheet for the ISD1416, ISD1420
isr-vocoder.pdf Schematics and PCB layout for the ISR Vocoder
jaguar_bom Part List for Jaguar
jaguarpcb.jpg Assembled Jaguar PCB
jenjumbo_shema1.jpg This is a ripoff design of a vintage guitar fuzz effect pedal. I would like to build it please.
jensas_tb.jpg Picture of a spraypainted TB303, at the time owned by Jens Kallback.
jh_vc_hadsr.pdf Schematics for the JH VC HADSR.
jonatan_psu2.jpg Schamtics for the Than PSU2
juno106small.gif Picture of the Juno 106
juno60noisegen.gif Schematics for the Noisegenerator in the Juno60
Juno6Parts1.gif Partslist for the Juno6
Juno6Parts2.gif Juno 6 Parts, page 2
Juno6Parts3.gif Juno 6 Parts, page 3
Juno6Parts4.gif Juno 6 Parts, page 4
Juno6Schem1a.gif Juno6 Schematics page 1
Juno6Schem1b.gif Juno6 Schematics page 1b
Juno6Schem2a.gif Juno6 Schematics page 1b
Juno6Schem2b.gif Juno6 Schematics page 2b
Juno6Schem3a.gif Juno6 Schematics page 3
Juno6Schem3b.gif Juno6 Schematics page 3b
juno-man.pdf Users Manual for the Juno 106
juno-serv.pdf Service Notes for the Roland Juno-106
jup4.jpg Picture of the Jupiter 4.
jup8.jpg Picture of the Roland Jupiter 8
jupiter4_blipp.mp3 Soundexample of the Jupiter4.
jupiter4_blipp2.mp3 Soundexample of the Jupiter4.
jupiter4_blipp3.mp3 Soundexample of the Jupiter4.
jupiter4_blipp4.mp3 Soundexample of the Jupiter4.
jupiter4_blipp5.mp3 Soundexample of the Jupiter4.
jupiter4_blipp6.mp3 Soundexample of the Jupiter4.
jupiter4_kvitter.mp3 Birdtweets on the Jupiter4.
jupiter4_lfo.mp3 Soundexample of the Jupiter4.
jupiter4_melody.mp3 Soundexample of the Jupiter4.
jupiter4_slow_sad.mp3 Soundexample of the Jupiter4.
jupiter4_sweep.mp3 Soundexample of the Jupiter4.
jupiter4_unison.mp3 Soundexample of the Jupiter4.
jupiter6.jpg Picture of the Jupiter 6
jupiter6_ad.jpg Scanned ad for the Jupiter 6 Jupiter 6 Users manual (zipped jpg files)
jx3p.bmp picture of the JX3p
jx3p.jpg Roland JX3p
jx3p.pdf Owners manual for the JX3P. Owners manual for the JX3p
jx3pdeadkeys.txt a Fix for dead keys on the JX3p
jx3pmods.txt Modifications for the JX3p
jx3pomnimodeoff.txt A document explaining how to turn omni off on the JX3p Schematics of the JX3p, in TIF format, zipped.
jx-8p.pdf Owners Manual for the Roland JX-8P
k83.pdf Description of the kitsrus Kit 83 Power Supply
kacak.asp aaaa
kaw100f01.jpg Picture of the Tiesco 100f
kbd_2e_forum.pdf PDF with the old EFM forum about the KBD2E.
kbd2e.pdf Information, Assemblyplan, Schematics and parts list for the KBD2E.
king_pata-img192x126-1269148458xhenhm20952.jpg CA3080AE
klee2_fp.jpg Front panel deisgn of the Klee by Fonik.
KLM-307.gif Schematics for the KLM 127 board.
knobby.jpg Picture of the Knobby
knobs-frnt.jpg Picture of the two additional knobs that is placed on the front panel.
korektor.gif No more info
Korg Poly 800 Schematics for the Poly800 Owners manual for the DDD-1 zipped pdffile
korg_minipops7.jpg Picture of the Korg Minipops
korg_ms20_service.pdf Service manual for the Korg MS-20. Much higher resolution of the pictures.
korg770.pdf Schematics for the 770 in pdf format
Korg770vca.jpg Schematics of the 770VCA

found on The Really old Kor
korgm500sp.pdf Korg M500 Micro-preset synthesizer Owners manual. Both English and Japanese
KorgMiniS.pdf minikorg 700s owners manual and operations manual
KorgMonoPoly-OwnersManual.pdf MonoPoly Ownersmanual
KorgMonoPoly-ServiceManual.pdf Service Manual for the Korg MonoPoly
KorgMS10-ServiceManual.pdf Service Manual for the Korg MS-10
KorgMS20-ServiceManual.pdf Service manual for the MS-20
KorgMS50-Schematics.pdf Complete Schematics for the Korg MS-50 Synthesizer.
KorgPoly800-OwnersManual.pdf Owners Manual for the Korg Poly 800
KorgPolysixOwnersManual.pdf Owners manual for the Korg PolySix.
KORGRS1.gif Schematics for the PS3100/PS3300 Resonator
KORGRS2.gif Schematics for the RS2. Korg PS3100 PS3300 resonator. drawn by K. Ishii
kr-55a.jpg Korg KR-55 Part 1
kr-55b_and_minipops.jpg Korg KR-55 Part 2 + Korg Minipops
kretskort.jpg A picture showing a closeup of the circuitboard, observe that a lot of cables are required for this
kyma_4533-SH.pdf Schematics for the Kyma 4533
kyma_bipolarmixer2.pdf Schematics of the Kyma Bipolar mixer V2
kyma_multiplier.pdf Schematics of the Kyma Multiplier
kyma_vc-switch.pdf Schematics for the Kyma VC-switch
kymatica.jpg Pic of Kymatica Live
kymatron-vcf1.pdf Schematics for the Kymatron VCF-1
lalala.wav la la la
lambda.jpg Korg Lambda
lf147.pdf Datasheet for the LF147 and LF347
LF412.pdf Datasheet for the LM412
lf442.pdf Datasheet for the LF442
lf442_pin.jpg Pinconfiguration of the LF442
LFO.circuit.font_fixedsystxt.txt schematics for simple LFO
lfo5a.pdf information, partslist, schematics and assembly plan for the VCLFO5A.
light_theremin.jpg Picture of the 555 Light Theremin circuit bent into a toy.
linvca.jpg Schematics for a Linear Voltage Controlled Amplifier
live.txt 606 as a Live machine: In the 606 manual it advises stopping the pattern running before changing
ljud.ra A RealAudio file showing how a Madmouse sounds like, it is just one tone pressed throughout the file
LM101A.pdf Datasheet for the LM101, LM201, LM301.
lm1036.jpg Pinconfiguration of the LM1036
LM1036.pdf Datasheet for the LM1036
LM117.pdf Datasheet for the LM117 and LM317
LM124.pdf Datasheet for the LM124, LM224, LM324, LM2902
LM13600.pdf Datasheet for the LM13600
LM13600-LM13700.htm A Short Discussion of the Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA) Pictures are missing...
LM137.pdf Datasheet for the LM137 and LM337
LM13700.pdf Datasheet for the LM13700
lm1458.pdf Datasheet for the LM1458.
LM1496.pdf Datasheet for the LM1596/lm1496
LM158.pdf datasheet for the lm 158, 258, 358, 2904
lm194.pdf Datasheet for the LM194 and LM394 Supermatch Pair.
lm194-circuit-3.png Typical application for the LM194/LM394
LM2900.pdf Datasheet for LM2900, LM3900, and LM3301
lm2904.jpg Block diagram for the LM2904
lm301.jpg Connection diagram for the LM301, LM201, and LM101
lm301conndiagram.jpg Connection diagram for the LM301
LM3046.pdf Daatasheet for the LM3046
lm3080.pdf Datasheet for the LM3080 Operational Transconductance Amplifier
lm311.1.gif Pinconfiguration for the LM311
LM329.pdf Datasheet for the LM329
lm329_conndiagram.jpg Pinconfiguration for the LM329
LM340.pdf Datasheet for the LM340/LM78XX Series 3-Terminal Positive Regulators
lm358.jpg Pinconfiguration of the LM358
LM359.pdf Datasheet for the LM359
lm556clocking.gif Application and schematics for how to use the LM556 for clocking purposes
LM723.pdf No more info
lm741.pdf Datasheet for the LM741
LM747.pdf Datasheet for the LM 747
LM748.pdf Datasheet for the LM748.
LM7512C.pdf LM78XX Series Voltage Regulators
LM7812.pdf Datasheet for the LM7805, LM7806, LM7808, LM7809, LM7810, LM7812, LM7815, LM7818, LM7824,
LM78L05.pdf Datasheet for the LM78LXX series of positive power regulators
lm78lxx.jpg Connection diagram for the 78LXX series of voltage regulators.
LM7905.pdf LM79XX Series 3-Terminal Negative Regulators
lmscreen.gif Screen shot from the LochMaster program.
lockbox_power scott bernardi.gif Schematics for teh lockbox powersupply
logicanalyzerscreen.bmp A screenshot of the userinterface.
m100-Medium.jpg Picture of a M100 prototype system
m2d.jpg Picture of the M2D
m2d2m.asm Assembler / Assembly file for the M2D
m2d2m.HEX HEX file for the M2D.
m2d2m.pdf Schematics for the M2D
m2d2m-foil.pdf PCB overlay for the M2D
m2d2m-pcb.pdf PCB overlay for the M2D
M50194P.gif Schematics/signal flow of the M50194
m51723.pdf Datasheet for the M51723P, and M51723FP.
m5207l01.jpg Picture of the M5207L
m5207l01.pdf Datasheet for the M5207L. Found at
M5289.gif No more info
m921.jpg Ad for the Moog Modular 921VCO. (found at
m921ab.jpg Magazine Ad for the Moog modular 921A and 921B. (found at
madm.pdf Assembly and Parts manual for the madmouse
madmouse_component_pcb.jpg Picture of a fully populated PCB of the Mad mouse.
madmousepro-complete.pdf Assembly plan and Schematics and Documentation for the MadMouse pro
mainsmall.jpg Screenshot of the Schematic Publisher software.
manual_skew.mp3 manual sweep of the skew function from sine to octave-up ramp and back.
mat_tempco.gif Schematics showing the configuration of the Matched Transistor pair and the tempco
mat02.pdf Datasheet for the MAT02 matched transistor pair
mat02_tempco.gif Pin schematics for the Tempco and matched transistor pair.
mat12.pdf Analog Devices MAT12 Dual NPN matched audio transistors
matrix1000schematics.pdf Schematics for the Oberheim Matrix 1000.
max220-max249.pdf Datasheet for the MAX220, MAX222, MAX223, MAX225, MAX230, MAX231, MAX232, MAX232A, MAX233, MAX233A,
max232.gif Pinconfiguration and block diagram for the MAX220, MAX222, MAX223, MAX225, MAX230, MAX231, MAX232, M
MAX4533.pdf Datasheet for MAX 4533
max4533_typical_operating_circuit.gif Typical Operating Circuit
MAX473-MAX475.pdf Datasheet for the MAX473,474,475
MAX492-MAX495.pdf Datasheet for the MAX492,494,495
mb-808-fl3-trimmed-no-aux.jpg Picture of how the MB-808 will look like when completed
mbhp.jpg picture visualizing modules in the MBHP
MC1496-D.pdf Datasheet for the MC1496
mc202_ad.jpg Magazine AD from 1983 for the MC202.
mc34184d.pdf Datasheet for the MC34184
mcu.pdf Practical Electronics magazine article about the Mini Chorus Unit, containing schematics and partsli
md280_manual.pdf Owners manual for the Akai MD280 Sampler Disk Drive. midi2cv8 firmware v2.01 archive 01/05/97 license is granted for individual non-commercial use. Fa
mdttl_ct.gif Schematics of the MIDI to 24 Outputs
medieval2voice.mp3 Cello and flute sound
memory.gif Schematics of the Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man
meter_help.jpg Screenshot of the Meter Software.
MF10.pdf Datasheet for the MF10
microphone_amp.gif Schematics for the mic preamp
microphone_amp.txt Componentlist for the mic preamp
microphone_amp_compplacement.gif Component placement for mic preamp
microphone_amp_layout.gif PCB layout for mic preamp
midi.gif How to wire the Gameport-MIDI cable.
midi_ttl.jpg Layout of the MIDI to 24 Outputs PCB
midi2cv3.gif Drawing of the Midi2cv8
midi2cv3.jpg picture of the assembled midi2cv8 unit
midi2mds.pdf midi2cv8 v2.0 Firmware Operating Modes
midi2sch.pdf Schematics for the midi2cv8 MIDI to CV converter
midibox_plus_foto.jpg Picture of the MIDIbox Plus
midibox16e.jpg Picture of the MIDIbox 16E
mididrumpedal.gif Picture of the Programmable MIDI Kick Drum Pedal Circuit
Mididrumpedal.txt Programming instructions and assembly for the MIDI Kick Drum Pedal
midithru.gif No more info
midithrubox.bmp Schematics for the MIDI-thru box, and PSU
midsomer.wav Midsomer Murders
MIF.pdf Article from "CONTEMPORARY KEYBOARD/NOVEMBER 1979" explaining the MIF and how to build it.
mikadofp.jpg Picture of the front panel of the Mikado Sequencer.
mikadopcb.jpg Picture of the PCBs for the Mikado Sequencer.
minimoog.jpg Picture of the Moog MiniMoog
minipops7_equinoxe5.mp3 Sound example of the minipops. As played by Jarre on Equinoxe part 5. Found on http://www.jarrogr
minipops7_oxygene4-loop-94bpm.mp3 Sound example of the minipops. As played by Jarre on Equinoxe part 4. Found on http://www.jarrogr
minipops7_sachademo.mp3 Sound example of the minipops. Found on
minivca.pdf Schematics of Marjan Urekars Minimoog VCA
mk50240.pdf Datasheet for the MK50240
mks30ad.jpg Ad for the MKS-30 MKS-30 Owners Manual
mks30schematics.pdf Schematics and block diagrams for the MKS30 Service Manual for the MKS-80
mks80-400.jpg Picture of the MKS80
mlt04.pdf Datasheet for MLT04
MLT04_S.gif Functional block Diagram
mm_mod_adsr.gif Modification schematics to change the MadMouse Envelope generator to an ADSR type.
mn3000_056.jpg NOS MN3006
MN3001-2.pdf DataSheet for the MN3001 and MN3002 (in Japanese)
MN3004.pdf Datasheet for the MN3004 BBD
MN3004+MN3011+MN3101.pdf Datasheet for the MN3004, MN3011, and MN3101 Bucket brigade Delay lines
MN3005.pdf Datasheet for the MN3005 BBD
MN3006.pdf Datasheet for the MN3006
mn3007.gif Pinconfiguration of the MN3007
mn3007.pdf Datasheet for the MN3007
MN3009.pdf Datasheet for the MN3009
MN3010.pdf Datasheet for the MN3010
MN3011.pdf Datasheet for the MN3011
MN3012.pdf Datasheet for the MN3012
mn3101.pdf Datasheet for the MN3101
MN3102.pdf Datasheet for the MN3102
MN3105.pdf Datasheet for the MN3105
MN3204.pdf Datasheet for the MN3204
MN3205.pdf Datasheet for the MN3205
MN3206.pdf Datasheet for the MN3206
MN3207.pdf Datasheet for the MN3207
MN3208.pdf Datasheet for the MN3208
MN3209.pdf Datasheet for the MN3209
MN3210.pdf Datasheet for the MN3210
MN3214.pdf Datasheet for the MN3214
MN3304.pdf Datasheet for the MN3304
MN3306.pdf Datasheet for the MN3306
MN3307.pdf Datasheet for the MN3307
MN3308.pdf Datasheet for the MN3308
MN3309.pdf Datasheet for the MN3309
modcs151.jpg Schematics for midifcations for the CS-15. VCF series routing, VCF slave mode Description and schematics for the Mini-3
monostable_operation_555.gif information on moonostable and astable operation of the NE555.
monotoron_slant_634049404718570000.png Picture of the Monotron
monotron_block_diagram.jpg Block Diagram of the internal sound processing of the Monotron
monotron_sch.jpg Schematics for the Korg Monotron
monowave01_s.jpg Picture of the monowave The MonoVoice editor program including visual basic code.
MonoVoice_sourcecode.txt The Sourcecode for the MonoVoice synth. To be used with an Atmel processor.
MonoVoice1.jpg Picture of the MonoVoice Synth
moog_opus3.jpg No more info
moog_rogue_service_manual_including_schematics.pdf the Rogue Service manual and schematics
moog_trigger-convert.jpg No more info
moog12.jpg Ad for the Moog Synthesizer 12 Compact Modular system (found at
moog15.jpg Advertisment for the Moog Synthesizer 15
moog44.gif Schematics. Figure 39 Dome filter (Card No.1) - Bode Frequency Shifter.
moog45a.gif Figure 40 Variable Oscillator (Card No.2) - Bode Frequency Shifter. page 1 of 2
moog45b.gif Figure 40 Variable Oscillator (Card No.2) - Bode Frequency Shifter. page 2 of 2
moog46.gif Figure 41 Fixed Oscillator (Card No.3) - Bode Frequency Shifter
moog-hp.pdf Schematics for the EFM Moog Type High Pass Filter
MoogOpus3-OwnersManual.pdf Owners manual for the Moog Opus 3
MoogRogue-TechnicalServiceInformation.pdf Technical Service Manual for the Moog Rogue
moogvcf_combination.gif No more info
moogvcf_schematic.gif No more info
mouser-reg-logo.gif Mouser Electronics Logo Service Manual for the MPG80
mpg80-400.jpg picture of the MPG80
mpl1.jpg MIDImplant atached to DIN socket
mpsa12.pdf Datasheet for the MPSA12
ms-10.jpg Original product brochure for the MS10
HUGE! file (45MB)
ms10.pdf Service Manual for the MS-10 Monophonic Synthesizer
ms10cct.gif Schematics for the MS-10
ms201.jpg Picture of the Korg MS-20
MS20circuit1.gif Circuit diagram for the MS20, page 1 of 2
MS20circuit2.gif Circuit diagram for the MS20, page 2 of 2
ms20clone.pdf PCB-image MIRROR-TURNED and component assembly-plan for the MS20 filter clone.
ms20clone2.gif Original schemaatics for the MS20Clone.
ms20patchsheet.gif Patch sheet for the Korg MS20.
ms6.gif Picture of the Cheetah MS6
ms6.pdf Owners manual for the Cheetah MS-6
msc0952.pdf Datasheet for the 1N270
msm6722.jpg Pinconfiguration and connection diagram for the MSM6722
msm6722.pdf Datasheet for the MSM6722
ms-x0.jpg Original product brochure for the MS-Series, MS20 and MS50

HUGE! file (45MB)
mt8816.pdf Datasheet for the MT8816
MutronOct.jpg Schematics for the MU-TRON Octave Divider
mxrdistp.gif Schematics for the MXR Distortion plus
mxrfla.gif Schematics for the mxr flanger rack project
NE5517.pdf Datasheet for the NE5517
ne5532.pdf Datasheet for the NE5532 and NE5532A Opamps.
ne5534-d.pdf Datasheet for the NE5534
ne556.gif Pinconfiguration NE556
ne566.pdf Datasheet for the NE566.
NE570_3.pdf Datasheet for the NE570.
newminisync.jpg Schematics for a Minimoog Osc-sync modification, for Minimoogs with the new oscillator boards.
nikros_psu8011.gif Schematics for Nikros PSU
njm4556a_e.pdf Datasheet for the NJM4556
NJM4558_ae04052.pdf Datasheet for the NJM4558
nte109.pdf Datasheet for the NTE109
nte458.gif Pinconfiguration of the NTE458
nte458.pdf Datasheet for the NTE458
nxp_logo.jpg NXP logo
oakleysystems-1.jpg Picture of a Oakley Modular systems setup.
ob12.pdf English Language user manual for the Oberheim/Viscount OB12 synthesizer.
oberheim_xpander.jpg A picture of an Oberheim Xpander
oberheimmatrix1000user.pdf Owners manual for the Oberheim Matrix 1000.
OberheimXpander-OwnersManual.pdf Oberheim Xpander Owners manual
OberheimXpander-ServiceManual.pdf Service Manual for the Oberheim Xpander
octavecat.jpg Picture of the Cat
OctaveCat-InstructionManual.pdf Instructions manual/Owners manual/Users manual for the Octave Cat in pdf-format.
octave-the_cat-01.jpg Octave The Cat (SRM)
ODYOWNERMANUAL.ZIP Owners manual for the ARP Odyssey
ODYPATCHES.ZIP Patches for the Odyssey.
ODYSERVICEMANUAL.ZIP Service manual for the ARP Odyssey
odysheet.jpg Patchsheet for ARP Odyssey
opus3.jpg Black and white photo of the opus3
opus3_signal_flow.gif No more info
oratron_06.jpg Picture of the Oratron
osc.jpg Huge! file showing the Oscillator schematics of the 770
osc1.jpg Schematics of the 770 Oscillator
osc1andosc2.wav Playing with Osc1 and Osc2
osc250.gif Picture of how Oscilloscope V2.51 looks like. the program in a ZIPfile. A zipfile filled with schematics, pcbs, firmware versions, roms and tips and tricks for the OSCar, i
oscar_ad.jpg Picture of the OSCar
oscmodfilter.wav Oscillator Mod Filter. Done with 1 more diode and resistor.
oscoscar_1a.gif Picture of the OSCar
oscpanel.jpg Oscillator Module :
Oscillator 1, range H/M/L, pulse width, waveform (ramp,square,triangle), tu
ouch.txt Dont do this "mod" if you don't know what youre doing...
output1.txt This text file describes an easy method of adding individual outputs for each of your 606 drumsounds
output2.txt This text file describes an easy method of adding individual outputs for each of your 606 drumsounds
Owholemoog.jpg No more info
owners_full.ZIP Korg Poly 800 Owners Manual
oxygene.wav Hey I never said I could play
p800ii.jpg Picture of the Korg Poly 800
p9700s01.jpg No more info
page_3.gif Circuit diagram
page_4.gif Stripboard, component side.
page_5.gif Stripboard, track side.
page_6.gif Stripboard, track side.
pai4700j01sm.jpg Picture of the Paia 4700 modular synthesizer system
PAIA_2720-1_VCA.gif Schematics for the 2720-1 VCA
PAIA_2720-11_Env_Follower.gif Schematics of the 2720-11 Envelope Follower
PAIA_2720-12_Inverter_Buffer.gif Schematics for the 2720-12 Inverter/Buffer Module
PAIA_2720-14_Sine_Converter_PWM.gif Schematics for the PAIA 2720 Sine converter/PWM module
PAIA_2720-2a_VCO.gif Schematics for the Paia 2720-2a VCO
PAIA_2720-3b_VCF.gif Schematics for the 2720-3b VCF
PAIA_2720-3l_VCF.gif Schematics of the 2720-3l VCF
PAIA_2720-4_FunctionGenerator.gif Schematics for the PAIA 2720-4 Function Generator
PAIA_2720-5_ControlOsc_NoiseSrc.gif Schematics for the 2720 5 Control Osc, noise source
PAIA_4710_Balanced_Modulator.gif Schematics fro the Paia 4710
PAIA_4720a_VCO.gif Schematics of the 4720a vco
paia_4730_001.jpg Picture of the Paia 4730
PAIA_4771_Regulated_PSU.gif Schematics for the 4771 psu
PAIA_5700-1_The DRUM.gif schematcs of the 5700 page 1
PAIA_5700-2_The_DRUM.gif schematcs of the 5700 page 2
paia_flanger.jpg Picture of a Paia Phlanger. From an ebay auction, via Matrixsynth...
paia_phlanger.pdf Magazine article from the October 1977 issue of Radio-Electronics. PCB, schematics partslist and ass
paialogo.gif PAiA's logotype
paignome01.jpg Picture of the Paia Gnome
Pan.gif Simple schematics showing how to pan an audio signal.
partlistsmall.jpg Screenshot of the Schematic Publisher software.
passive_VU-meter.rar RAR file with all the information needed
patch_ARP_avatar.jpg Patchsheet for the ARP Avatar.
patt303a.gif Pattern sheet for the TB303
PC_gr.jpg Picture of the Pocket Control
pcb_cgs03_psycho_lfo.gif PCB layout for the CGS03 Psycho LFO
pcb_cgs14_psu.gif PCB overlay for the CGS14 Power Supply. You can order the PCB on Ken Stone's Homepage.
pcb_overlay.bmp Picture of the unpopulated PCB for the PS3100 resonator
pcb_xr2206_function_generator-1.jpg PCB for the XR2206 Function Generator
pcbmill.jpg Screenshot of the PCBmill software Zip file with the PCBmill software. Always check for the latest version of the software
PD_gr.jpg Picture of the Pocket Dial
pda508.pdf Datasheet to the PD508 The 1979 article from PES. Including all pictures in TIFF format, and the article text in a textfile
pg200manual.pdf PG-200 Owners Manual
pg300.jpg Picture of the PG-300 Owners Manual for the PG-300 zip file with highres jpg's
pg300manual.pdf Owners manual for the PG300
pga2310.pdf Datasheet for the PGA2310
ph44core.gif Schematics for the Pearl Phaser PH-44 Core part by Osamu HOSHUYAMA
pha.pdf Practical electronics magazine article describing the Phasing Unit, with schematics, layout and part
photo_cgs14_psu.jpg Picture opf the CGS14 Power supply
photo_cgs31v12_digital_noise.jpg Picture of an assembled CGS31 Digital Noise Module, newer version with onboard mixer and power distr
photo_cgs48_vco.jpg Picture of the PCB for the CGS48 VCO.
photo_cgs58_lfo.jpg Picture of the finished Utility LFO
photo_psycho_lfo.jpg Picture of assembled CGS03 pcb
picboard.jpg PIC board, showing 18 pin PIC microcontroller and keyboard decoder.The PIC produces three outputs: t
picsynth.pdf Schematics and connection diagram for the PIC-synth
picsynth_v3_chip.pdf PICsynth V3 chip information
picsynth2.jpg Build a PIC based synth
picsynthschematicv2.jpg Latest PICSYNTH schematic CORRECTED
picsynthv3.jpg Latest schematic - V3
picsynthwaveshaper.jpg Veroboard layout for the waveshaper
picsynthvcfvca.jpg Latest Veroboard layout for VCF VCA
pinout.gif No more info
pit2midi.jpg Picture of the Pitch to MIDI unit pcb.
pixie2.jpg Picture of the Pixie
pixie-vcf3.pdf Schematics for the Pixie VCF-3 Ladder filter Zipped HEX file for the Pitch to Midi unit.
pmu877s.txt Source code for Tom Scarff's Pitch to MIDI converter unit.
pocketfader.jpg Picture of the pocket fader
polivoks_vca_clone_schem_2007.pdf A schematics for a Polivoks VCA clone
poly800r.jpg Reverse colored Poly 800.
polydiv.gif Schematics of the Poly Divider
polyvoks.jpg Picture of the Polyvoks
printprevsmall.jpg Screenshot of the Schematic Publisher software.
prod9.gif Schematics for the Moog Rogue
programmeer_sheet_bassline.pdf Programming sheet patch sheet for the TB 303 pattern sequencer. Write down your patterns so they don
prophet_08_LG.jpg Picture of the Prophet '08
ps3100.jpg Original product brochure for the Korg PS3100

HUGE! file (45MB)
ps3100.pdf Documentation for the PS3100 resonator clone
ps3200a.jpg Original product brochure for the PS-3200 Part 1
HUGE! file (45MB)
ps3200b.jpg Original product brochure for the PS-3200 Part 2

HUGE! file (45MB)
ps3300.jpg Original product brochure for the PS-3300

HUGE! file (45MB)
ps-3300.jpg Original Ad for the PS3300
ps-nohs-sm.jpg Picture of Sowas PSU Postscript files of the PCB layers for the SAS PSU
psutext.htm Olof Söderbergs 24step PSU building workshop (in swedish) pictures are broken.
pt_uc_ct.gif Pitch to MIDI unit schematics
PT2395.pdf Datasheet for the PT2395 Enhanced Digital Echo IC
PT2396.pdf Datasheet for the PT2396 Digital Echo/Surround Processor IC
PT2399.pdf Datasheet for the PT2399 Echo Processor IC
pulsewidthmod.mp3 Oscillator 3 Pulse Width Modulation
pv1_611.pdf Information, parts list, schematics pcb and assembly plan for the PV-1 Pitch to Voltage Converter
pwrout.col.gif Powerout connector pinconfiguration
quadratu.gif Schematics for the Quadrature Oscillator
ref03.pdf Datasheet for the Analog Devices REF03
reference_card.jpg TR606 Reference card
regelwerk.jpg Picture of the REGELWERK
ResistorCC.exe The Resistor Color Coder program. Check out Schematicas homepage for the most recent software This file contains all the files needed to build the ReTurn MIDI controller.
ret8.jpg Picture of the prototype ReTurn
retset32.gif Screendump of the ReTurn Setup Editor
ring.modulator.AD533.txt Schematics and description of a ring modulator
ring-asm2-cct.pdf Schematics for the ASM-2 Ringmodulator
ringmod.jpg schematics for the passive ringmodulator
ringmod.png Schematics of YARM Ringmodulator
ringmodplus.png Schematics of the YARM+ Ringmodulator
rmp_1b.pdf Schematics, frontpanel, parts layout and partslist for the RMP 1b.
rock.mp3 V3 Arpeggiator demo
roland.TB-303.schem-2.gif Extract from the TB-303 Service manual with pin configuration for the various IC's used in the TB-30
roland.TR-606.schem-1.gif Schematics of the TR606 Page 1 of 6 (from
roland.TR-606.schem-2.gif Schematics of the TR606 Page 2 of 6 (from
roland.TR-606.schem-3.gif Schematics of the TR606 Page 3 of 6 (from
roland.TR-606.schem-4.gif Schematics of the TR606 Page 4 of 6 (from
roland.TR-606.schem-5.gif Schematics of the TR606 Page 5 of 6 (from
roland.TR-606.schem-5-small.gif Smaller picture of the whole schematics for the TR606.
roland.TR-606.schem-6.gif Schematics of the TR606 Page 6 of 6 (from
Roland_cmu800.pdf Roland CMU800 operations manual Service manual for the JX3p in zipped format.
roland_logo.gif The roland logo
Roland_MC202_Owners Manual.pdf Roland MC202 Owner's Manual
roland_memory_cartridge_m-64c.jpg Roland Memory Cartridge M-64C
roland_mks30.jpg Picture of the MKS30 Roland PG800 Service manual in zipped format.
Roland_TR909_Owners Manual.pdf TR909 Owners manual
rolandjupiter4-ownersmanual.pdf Owners manual for the Roland Jupiter 4
RolandJupiter6-OwnersManual.pdf Owners manual for the Roland Jupiter 6.
RolandJupiter6-ServiceNotes.pdf Service notes for the Roland Jupiter 6.
RolandJupiter8-OwnersManual.pdf Owners manual for the Roland Jupiter 8.
RolandJupiter8-ServiceNotes.pdf Service notes for the Roland Jupiter 8
RolandMKS20-OwnersManual.pdf Owners manual for the MKS-20 Roland Digital Piano module
RolandMKS30-OwnersManual.pdf Owners manual for the Roland MKS-30.
RolandMKS30-Schematics.pdf Schematics, service notes for the Roland MKS-30.
RolandMKS50-OwnersManual.pdf MKS-50 Owners Manual
RolandMKS80-OwnersManual.pdf Owners manual for the Roland MKS-80.
RolandMKS80-ServiceNotes.pdf Service notes for the Roland MKS-80.
RolandMPG80-ServiceNotes.pdf Service notes for the MPG-80 Programmer for the MKS-80
RolandPG200-Manual.pdf Owners manual for the Roland PG-200
RolandPG800-OwnersManual.pdf Owners manual for the PG-800
RolandPG800-ServiceNotes.pdf Service manual for the Roland PG-800 Programmer
RolandSVC350_01.jpg Picture of the Roland SVC-350
RolandTB303-ServiceNotes.pdf Service notes for the Roland TB303
RolandTR808-Intro-hires.pdf Introduction manual for the Roland TR808. This is a simple users manual for the 808. High Resolu
RolandTR808Intro-hires.pdf Roland TR808 Owner's manual
RolandTR808-Intro-lores.pdf Introduction manual for the Roland TR808. This is a simple users manual for the 808. Low Resolut
RolandTR808-OperationManual.pdf Operations manual for the Roland TR808
rs20.png Schematics for the Korg MS20 filter clone
rw12.mp3 Sounddemonstration of the Devilfish mod
s50240__ami_.pdf S50240 Top Octave Synthesizer chip - datasheet
s612manual.pdf Owners manual for the Akai S612 Midi Digital Sampler
S900.jpg No more info
sa571.pdf Datasheet for the SA571 Compandor
sad1024.jpg Picture of the SAD1024
SAD4096.pdf Preliminary Datasheet for the SAD 4096
SAD512-1024.pdf Datasheet for the SAD-512 and SAD-1024 BBDs
SAD512D.pdf Datasheet for the SAD 512D
sae800.jpg picture of the SAE 800
sae800.pdf Datasheet for the SAE800
SAS_PSU_schema.gif Schematics of the SAS PSU
sas_pwm_with_sas_tri_freq_sweep_on_both.mp3 Pulse modulated SAS-VCO, modulation source is a second SAS-VCO, SAW waveform out, frequency is swept
sas_saw.mp3 SAS-VCO SAW waveform. 5 pitches.
sas_saw_freq_sweep.mp3 SAS-VCO SAW waveform frequency sweep with pot.
sas_saw_through_2_state_pole_var_filter.mp3 An mp3 file showing a SAS-VCO, that is put throught MAgnus State Variable Filter, all the filter out
sas_sin.mp3 SAS-VCO SIN waveform. 5pitches
sas_sin_freq_sweep.mp3 SAS-VCO SIN waveform frequency sweep with pot.
sas_squ.mp3 SAS-VCO SQU waveform. 5pitches
sas_squ_freq_sweep.mp3 SAS-VCO SQU waveform frequency sweep with pot.
sas_tri.mp3 SAS-VCO TRI waveform. 5pitches
sas_tri_freq_sweep.mp3 SAS-VCO TRI waveform frequency sweep with pot.
saw256stepandpwm.jpg Circuit to produce 256 step saw and PWM from square wave. Used as Oscillator 3.
scales.mp3 Modded Korg Monotron sample
sch.gif Schematics for the Passive VU-meter, also found in the RAR-file.
schem_cgs14_psu.gif Schematics for the CGS14 Power Supply
schem_cgs31_v12_noise_mixer.gif Schematics for the mixer part of CGS31 Digital Noise Module
schem_cgs31v12_noise.gif Schematics for the noise part of CGS31 Digital Noise Module
schem_cgs58_lfo.gif The schematic of the Utility LFO
schem_psycho_lfo.gif Schematics for the CGS03 Psycho LFO
Schematic.gif Schematics for the MonoVoice SID synth.
schempubmain.gif Screenshot of the Schematic Publisher software.
scifi1.mp3 Envelope Generator controls modulator frequency (ordinary VCO) which is patched to Zeroscillator Lin
ScreenShot.gif Screenshot of the program for programming the MonoVoice.
sd2.jpg Picture of the SD-2
sds800psu.gif Schematics for the SDS800 PSU
SeikoMR1000.JPG Detailed (big) picture of the Seiko MR1000
seikomr1000small.jpg Small picture of the Seiko MR1000.
semelab_logo.gif SEMELAB Logotype
sequence1.mp3 The Row-A Output of a Sequencer modulates Exponential CV Input of carrier VCO, while Row-B Output mo
sequencer.pdf The PDF with all information to build the Simple Sequencer
SequentialProOne-OperationManual.pdf Operations Manual for the SeqCirc Pro One
serial.txt Roland's 606 updates and when they happenned
setup_digitrace.exe The setup program for Digitrace.
shell.asp sssss
shiftys_death_synth.jpg Picture of the hardware platform, consisting of a modified EZ-kit lite and a palmIII (plus some extr
shuffle.txt How to make your 606 Shuffle: Okay there are three ways to make your 606 shuffle like a 909 or 707
SidStation_Ownersmanual_OS1.1.pdf Owners manual for the Elektron SIDstation
sigma.jpg Korg Sigma
sintesor_polivoks2.GIF No more info
sk100.jpg Picture of SK100 / SL100
sk100.pdf Datasheet for the SL100 NPN and SK100 PNP transistors
sl100medflera.pdf Datasheet, or rather specifications diagram for the following transistors: 2N3701, 2N4030 2N4031, 2N
slos080d.pdf Datasheet for the TL07X series OpAmps
small_signal_transistors_to-18_case.pdf comparison sheet for TO-18 cased transistors.
smallstone_pedal.jpg Picture of the Small Stone Phaser pedal
smallstonephaser_issuej_schematics.gif The Schematics for the SmallStone. The schematics is converted from the PS file.
smallstonevisual.jpg Picture of the Visual Smallstone built by jschurer Schematics for the Smallstone Visual Phaser in PS format
smasher-0.00-5.15.mp3 Soundfile showing the capabilities of the Moog Slayer
sn74ls00.jpg Pin configuration for the SN54LS00 and SN74LS00
sn74ls155rev5.pdf Datasheet for the SN74LS155 and SN74LS156
sn74ls373.pdf Datasheet for the SN54LS373, SN54LS374, SN54S373, SN54S374, SN74LS373, SN74LS374, SN74S373, SN74S37
snare.txt Snare pitch/tone modification
soft_onoff_switch.gif Schematics for a soft on/off switch.
soundmaster_rhythm.gif Schematics for the SM-8 (Soundmaster Rythm).
sp0256.pdf Datasheet for the SP0256 speech IC.
sp0256-al2.jpg Picture of the SP0256-AL2
space.mp3 Modded Korg Monotron sample
specs.txt Because the official 606 specs are written in Roland's obscure ManualLanguage
spooky.wma New vibrato in PICSYNTH v2 chip
sq-10.jpg Product Brochure for the Korg SQ-10
SR02507.gif Block diagram for the NE570.
ssbmult.gif Schematics of the Single-Sideband Suppressed Carrier Demodulator
sshot-nt.gif Screenshot of the Windows version
ssm2013.pdf No more info
ssm2014.pdf Data sheet for the SSM-2014
ssm2015.pdf Datasheet for SSM2015
ssm2020.jpg SSM 2020 Dual VCA
ssm2024.jpg Picture of the SSM2024
ssm2024.pdf Datasheet for SSM2024
ssm2030.jpg SSM2030 with tempco
ssm2031.jpg Picture of the SSM2031
ssm2040.jpg SSM2040 IC Pic
ssm2040.pdf Datasheet for SSM2040
ssm2044.pdf Datasheet for SSM2044
ssm2045.pdf Datasheet for SSM2045
ssm2047.pdf Datasheet for SSM2047
ssm2056.pdf Datasheet for SSM2056
ssm2118.pdf Datasheet for the SSM2118
ssm2120.pdf Datasheet for the SSM 2120 and 2122
ssm2122.pdf Datasheet for the SSM2120, SSM2122 From Analog Devices
ssm2141.pdf Datasheet for the SSM2141
SSM2141_S.gif Block diagram of the ssm2141
ssm2141block.gif Block diagram of the SSM2141
ssm2142.pdf Datasheet for the SSM2142
ssm2164.pdf Datasheet for the SSM2164 Quad VCA chip.
ssm2210.pdf Datasheet for SSM2210
ssm2220.pdf Datasheet for SSM2220
ssmdatasheets.pdf Data Sheets for SSM2020, 2030, 2040, 2050 inclusive
step01vca.jpg VCF VCA step1
step02vca.jpg VCF VCA Step 2
step03vca.jpg VCF VCA Step 3
step04vca.jpg VCF VCA Step 4
step05vca.jpg VCF VCA Step 5
step06vca.jpg VCF VCA Step 6
step07vca.jpg VCF VCA Step 7
step08vca.jpg VCF VCA Step 8
step09vca.jpg VCF VCA Step 9
step10vca.jpg VCF VCA Step 10
step11vca.jpg VCF VCA Step 11
step12vca.jpg VCF VCA Step 12
stereo_vzo.mp3 Run for the headphones! Get comfortable and meditate on this one for 3 minutes of stereo heaven from
strings.wma Strings. OSC1=Pulse,OSC2=Triangle,OSC3=PWM The users manual in a zip.
swellinstructions.pdf Instructions, schematics, parts lists and assembly plan for the Lazy Sprocket.
svf.jpg No more info
svf_by_Sourcery.jpg Picture showing how small Magnus SVF can be, this one using 2 TL074, on a breadboard.
svf1.pdf Schematics for Magnus 2-pole filter
svfilter.gif Schematics for the classic SVF
symexp2.gif Schematics for the symmetrical exponential current sources
sync-and-skew.mp3 sample from Thomas demonstrating the effect of skewing the VCO while it's synced.
sync-no-skew.mp3 Sample demonstrating the sync function, with no skew involved.
synth_of_doom.jpg Picture of a large MOTM system (the synth of doom)
synthacon.mp3 Synthacon filter sound
synthesis_tech_logo.gif Synthesis technology Logo
syrinx.jpg Picture of the Syrinx Schematics for the Synton Syrinx, zipped file with jpg-files.
syrinxlfo2_syrinx.jpg Schematics for the Syrinx LFO
system-104_seq.jpg Picture of a Model-104 Sequencer.
t_16789.gif picture of the MN3007
talkfunny_elektor1979-12.pdf Scanned article of the Elektor december issue 1979. For the Talk funny project.
tb_rack.jpg Picture of how the TR606 looks like mounted in the rack.
tb303.pdf Owners Manual for the TB303 TB-303 Pattern Template. An Interactive PDF Form.
tb3030-1.gif Schematics for the TB3030 1 of 3, VCO and Filter
tb3030-2.gif Schematics for the TB3030 2 of 3, VCA and Accent
tb3030-3.gif Schematics for the TB3030 3 of 3, Power
tb3031-3.jpg Picture of the Oakley Sound Systems TB3031
tb303b.jpg Picture of the TB303
tbox1.mp3 Sound example of how the TB3030 sounds.
tbox2.mp3 Another sound example of the TB3030.
tb-rack-bracket.pdf A simple instructible to the rack mounting bracket for the 606 or 303.
tbx.jpg Picture of the TBX-303.
tbxmanual.pdf Users manual for the TBX-303
tbxsound1.mp3 Loop 1, sound example of the TBX-303
tbxsound2.mp3 Loop 2, sound example for the TBX-303.
tbxsound3.mp3 Loop 3, sound example for the TBX-303
td62501.pdf Datasheet for the TD62501, TD62502, TD62503, TD62504, TD62505, TD62506, TD62507
tda1022.jpg Picture of the TDA1022
tda1022.pdf Datasheet for the TDA1022 (in german)
TDA1022-b.pdf Datasheet for the TDA1022 (in english)
tda7050.bmp Schematics on how to connect the TDA7050 to make it a complete headphone amp.
techinfo.txt Technical Information on how the PICsynth chip works
techinfov2.txt Technical info for V2 chip
Teisco 110F_60F_Owners manual.pdf Teisco 110 F Owners Manual
tempo.txt Fine tempo modification
The_Arp_Pro_Soloist.ogg A twenty minute long OGG file going thru the preset sounds and onboard effects of the Arp Prosoloist
theminimoog.jpg Introducing the Minimoog. Short article about the Moog Minimoog (found at
thorstenattheworkbench.jpg Picture of Thorsten Klose at the workbench
TIP3055.pdf Datasheet for the TIP3055 and 2955 Transistors.
TIP31A-D.pdf Datasheet for the TIP31, TIP31A, TIP31B, TIP31C, (NPN), TIP32, TIP32A, TIP32B, TIP32C, (PNP)
tip41a.pdf Datasheet for the TIP41A, TIP41B, TIP41C, TIP42A, TIP42C
title.gif Picture of the DBOP
tl022.pdf Datasheet for the TL022, TL022C, TL022M
tl054.pdf Datasheet for the TL05x, TL051, TL052, TL054
tl062.pdf Datasheet for the TL061, TL061A, TL061B, TL062, TL062A, TL062B, TL064, TL064A, TL064B (Rev. J)
tl071.png Correct pinout for the TL071-opamp
tl071a.gif Pinconfiguration for the TL071
tl082.gif Picture showing pin configuration for the tl082
tl431.pdf Datasheet for the TL431
to-992_drain_gate_source.jpg Pinout of the 2N3819, TO92 DGS
tobitmapsmall.jpg Screenshot of the Schematic Publisher software.
tokaidly.gif Schematics of the Tokai TDL-1
tonepad_flanger301.pdf Tonepads schematics for the FL301
topbar_logo_60_2x.png Circuitlab logo
tour04.gif Screenshot of the Eagle software
tr606.jpg Picture of the TR606
TR-606_Operation_Manual.pdf The Usersmanual TR606. From, check out their site for more stuff.
TR-606_Schematics.pdf TR606 Schematics, PCB-layout and Pinconfiguration for some of the circuitry used.
TR707_operation_guide.pdf Operations manual for the TR707
TR707_user_manual.pdf Owner's manual for the TR707 Schematics for the TR808
tr909.jpg Picture of a Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer
train.mp3 V3 Arpeggiator demo
trevor_page.jpg Picture of Trevor Page
trident.jpg Product Brochure of the Korg Trident
HUGE! File (45MB) Beware...
trident2.jpg Original product brochure for the Korg Trident

HUGE! file (45MB)
trimming_potentiometer_3386.jpg Standard Resistance Range 10¦¸ - 5M¦¸ Resistance Tolerance ¡À5%, ¡À10% Absolute Minimum Resistance
tuning_the_teisco_110f.doc Internal Tuning Procedure for the 110F
Typhoon2000.sit Typhoon2000 software. packed with StuffIt, download if you have a MAC Typhoon2000 software. Zipped, download if you have a PC
ua726.pdf Dtasheet for the uA 726 Transistor pair
ua741.jpg Picture showing pinconfiguration of the UA741
ua741.pdf Datasheet for the uA741
uA741_DIL.jpg picture of the uA741
ua78XX.pdf Datasheet for the uA7800 series Positive Voltage Regulators
ua79XX.pdf Datasheet for the uA7900 series
UC1BrochureText.pdf UC-1 Broschure text
UC1DevelopementReport1.pdf UC-1 Development report
UC1QuickReferenceGuide.pdf UC-1 Quick reference guide
UC1Sequencer.jpg Picture of the UC-1 mounted inside the SCI Pro One
unost2021_VCF_rev3_schem_2007.pdf Schematics for the Unost 2021 VCF Clone
updown.mp3 V3 Arpeggiator demo
v2164md_datasheet.pdf Datasheet for the 2164 quad vca.
variation1.wma Variations around detune beats
various.txt Various modifications for the tr606
varor_1.jpg Parts (1/2)
varor_2.jpg Parts (2/2)
varor_4.jpg Make sure you turn the connectors right.
varor_5.jpg Markings of the capacitators
varor_7.jpg Markings of the ICs
varor_8.jpg Turn the transistor the right way
varor_9.jpg The Thyristor Goof...
WASP vcf-eg.pdf Redrawn schematics of the Wasp VCF-EG by Laurie Biddulph
wasp.jpg Picture of the Wasp Wasp Performers manual (zip-file)
wasp_schematics1.jpg Wasp Schematics page 1/4
wasp_schematics2.jpg Wasp Schematics page 2/4
wasp_schematics3.jpg Wasp Schematics page 3/4
wasp_schematics4.jpg Wasp Schematics page 4/4
wasp_service_notes_p1.jpg Wasp Service Notes page 1/11
wasp_service_notes_p10.jpg Wasp Service Notes page 10/11
wasp_service_notes_p11.jpg Wasp Service Notes page 11/11
wasp_service_notes_p2.jpg Wasp Service Notes page 2/11
wasp_service_notes_p3.jpg Wasp Service Notes page 3/11
wasp_service_notes_p4.jpg Wasp Service Notes page 4/11
wasp_service_notes_p5.jpg Wasp Service Notes page 5/11
wasp_service_notes_p6.jpg Wasp Service Notes page 6/11
wasp_service_notes_p7.jpg Wasp Service Notes page 7/11
wasp_service_notes_p8.jpg Wasp Service Notes page 8/11
wasp_service_notes_p9.jpg Wasp Service Notes page 9/11
wav1b.pdf zipfile containing both schematics PCB-layout and partslist
vc10.jpg Picture of Korg VC-10
vca.png Schematics for the VCA-1
vca3.png Schematics of the VCA-3
vca-3b.pdf Schematics and PCB layout for the VCA-3B
vcadsr.png Schematics for the VCADSR by Rene Schmitz
vcaneu.png Schematics for the VCA-2
vc-echo-schem_03-05-2005.pdf Schematics for the 2395 VC-Echo
Vcf0111.gif Schematics for the VCF0111
vcf98.gif Schematics for the VCF98 4-pole VCF by Osamu Hoshuyama
vclp.gif Schematics for the VC LPF
vco_bom.htm Bill of materials for the SAS VCO. With ELFA part numbers.
vco_instruktioner.htm Instructions on building the SAS VCO (in swedish)
vco_layout.pdf PCB layout for the SAS VCO
vco_schema.pdf Schematics for the SAS VCO
vco1-f.jpg Picture of the Homebrew Synth VCO
vco3d.pdf VCO 3D Schematic & Manual
vco6.png Schematics for the Thru Zero VCO.
vcolfo1.gif Schematics for the LFO mod for the Fatman VCO
vcpsimple.jpg Picture of the Bergfotron VCP
webshell.asp sss
vf11eng.pdf MAM VF11 owners manual
wildcat.jpg Picture of a Wildcat modular
WinLAP.png Screenshot of WinLAP The WinLAP program check Schematicas homepage for the latest version.
wire_cgs58_lfo.gif The component overlay and wiring for one of the two LFOs. Wiring for the second LFO is identical.
wire_cgs58_lfo2.gif Wiring in two DPDT switches as shown will allow for the variable outputs of the two LFOs to interact
wirelisthtmlsmall.jpg Screenshot of the Schematic Publisher software.
wirelistsmall.jpg Screenshot of the Schematic Publisher software.
wirelistxmlsmall.jpg Screenshot of the Schematic Publisher software.
voro350b.jpg Picture of the Roland SVC-350
vtl5c2.jpg Picture of the VTL5C3/2 Vactrol
vx600.jpg Picture of the VX600
x0xb0x.hex.txt x0xb0x AVR Firmware in HEX format.
x0xb0x_med.jpg Picture of the x0xb0x
x0xmanual.pdf x0xb0x Owners manual Service manual for the Korg X911 Guitar Synthesizer.
xb303_tree.jpg Picture of the XB303
xr_front_panel.pdf Front panel design by Thomas henry for the XR VCO.
xr_parts_placement.pdf Parts placement overlay for the Thomas Henry XR VCO.
xr_schem1.pdf Schematics for the Thomas Henry XR VCO.
xr10_l.jpg Picture of the XR10
xr2206.jpg Picture of the finished XR2206 Function generator
xr2206.pdf Datasheet for the XR2206
xr2206brd.gif PCB overlay for the XR2206 Function Generator
xr2206place.gif Component placement for the XR2206 Function Generator
xr2206sch.gif Schematics for the XR2206 Function generator
xr2206vco.pdf PCB layout by BugBrand For the Thomas Henry XR2206 VCO. Also the Schematics drawn by Bugbrand. Service manual for the Yamaha CS01
YamahaCS80-InstructionManual.pdf Yamaha CS80 Instructions manual in Black and white.
yamcs8001b.jpg Picture of the CS-80. Owned by Dean Sparrow.
YOUR_FIRST_SYNTH_schem.pdf Schematics for a strange circuit to make sounds with?
zasilacz.gif Schematics for Roman Sowas Power supply
zehir4.asp aaa
zo_40.jpg Frontpanel Modcan format of the Zeroscillator.
zombie_chorus_mn3207_based.jpg Schematics for the Zombie Chorus.
zoomsmall.jpg Screenshot of the Schematic Publisher software.
ZVexFuzzFactory.gif Schematics of the ZVex Fuzz Factory